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  3. Sumit Guha

    Great photos! I lived near Versova in 1979 (Saat Banglaa) and it is nice to see the fishing folk are still there and still have a catch to bring in! Thank you for posting these.

    • Thanks Sumit for replying. 1979?? that was a long time back, even before I was born. But guess you are correct. There is a pause switch to this place. Though there might be some minor changes, but mostly its static. Thanks again for replying and reading my post.

      • Sumit Guha

        Dear Mayur, in my day the multistorey apartments were just coming up beyond Saat Bangla. There was still a small house in a coconut grove where fresh ‘Taadi’ and ‘Maadi’ were sold for 2 or 3 rupees a jug. Big swamps lay to just beyond the houses of the village.
        I now work at the University of Texas at Austin am writing a short essay for our History website on a young woman who fled from an abusive marriage in Versova and went to the little city of Bombay about 1720 A.D. I hope you can give me permission to paste one of your photos there. It will be duly attributed to you.

      • Hello Sumit, thanks for the info. You can use my image but which image?

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