About Me

Mayur Hulsar Photogaphy is about my passion for Life, to live as it comes, using a camera is just one way to put it for others.

Hello there, thank you for visiting my blog.

I m a freelance photographer. Taking snaps is what excites me to no end. Having an eye for small details and beauty around makes me click. I cannot draw, therefore I shoot. This is the way my inside artist gives its way out.

I love doing landscapes, but what interests me is capturing people, their expressions and their stories..

This is about these stories that I captured.

This is Through The Lens (TTL) View of My World,……

Do Let Me Know How I m Doing…




  1. nikhil

    congrats dada
    wish u a loads of success ahead

  2. Pravin Shetty

    Hi friend ,

    I don’t no whether u will remember me, We met in Sutherland, recently I was going through ur Pictures and writings it truly inspires life. I wish u great sucess in ur life.

    a lost friend in transit
    -Pravin Shetty

    • hi Pravin,

      How you doing? Yes i do remember you. Back in Sutherland anyways i had few friends and you were there among them. And maybe only the one with whom I m still connected!!!

      Thanks for your comments, i really appreciate it. Take care.

  3. sidhu89

    me too loves photography n saving money for nikon d90 see when i became able to hav one…..& check out some about “diwan manna” he too is a photographer, currently working as chairman of lalit kala academy chandigarh

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  5. The little I saw tonight here seems very interesting…. I would also like to thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a “like”. Good luck with your passion Mayur!

  6. such a lovely blog…
    thanks for stopping by mine!!!

  7. Thank you for a nice comment on my blog! I’m very happy to hear that people like it 🙂 I follow you back because I think you have some amazing shots really! Good luck with the blog and plenty of good shots!

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  9. Piyush Chavda

    Dear Mayur, Congratulations on completion of your 3 years of your photography blog site and wish you success, joy n happiness all life through… Looking forward to many more great posts going ahead…. God Bless…

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