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Disclaimer: I have changed my theme and therefore I had to remove my header image as it was not appealing. Still I would like to keep this page available because I like this image. Viewers I agree that there is no header image for now, but this page is here just for the sake of….

And here goes the original writing: I was shooting sunset from a place near to my house. I strolled for quite some time and got very nice snaps of sunset and twilight. As it grew dark I played with long exposures and got some more snaps. I was not carrying tripod but anyways I decided to pack up. Just then I saw a vehicle passing from the road nearby. I wanted a light trail, so i clicked the snap, had shutter open enough time to pick my hand movements and I got this. Here the bright white zig zag lines are headlights of that car, and the other patch of light are the street lights. Bit of colour enhancement gave me this final output.

Original Image

If you want to check out the real sunset and twilight snaps then please check this earlier post




  1. Wow 🙂 I could never guess what it is without this description!!

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