Trading in New Waters

Last April I switched my job and said adios to my last company and to a tenure of exactly seven years.

Those were troubled times. New job, new challenges and turbulent weather where I sailed my ship. Priorities changed and survival was the only motive I kept on thinking. Photography and blogging took backseat. I desired to be back to blogging but couldn’t.

Though not everything was gloomy. I did several things apart from the usual boring stuff. I did paragliding once, then climbed on to the highest mountain of my state etc.

Got myself ‘kindle’ for reading e-books, bringing back my love for reading. In these last twelve months I could able to read quite a few books, both in print and in digital.

I went to a youth camp, made new friends, and most importantly found new motives to live life in a more meaningful way.

Kept a bucket list of ‘things to do’ for this year. Well, I always did that every year, but this year for a change I did complete few of the things from it.

Got myself more organised. There’s still lot of scope for improvement in this area though!

Today quite surprisingly I got a chance to look back and ponder about these last twelve months. When I started I knew I had been through one of the darkest storms of my life, I had been ever and I was already in a near wreak condition. In the last twelve months I could have gone down to the drain never to show myself up again or I would have survived to write about it.

Today I feel that I have survived…. Although the healing process is still going on and may last forever, the time will only tell. But I have manged to contain myself and bring up again with all that I had within myself.

My family and friends supported me unequivocally in my battle, and I would be forever grateful to them. This downtime made me realize many things and one of it was to always have someone to watch you over.

Though the war is far from over. I m still at open sea, sailing high and would never want to return to shore.

One storm has subsided, and could be just about time that I would meet new waves, a new storm.

Its been a year now… trading in new waters,… a new life to live and so on….!


This snap of mine was clicked by my friend as I requested him to do so while I stand and see out of the window. The place is my workplace, a battlefront where I fight one of my many battles. The other fronts are many including the war within my  mind………

Thanks for reading. With this post I wish to resume my routine postings in my blog. Do reply or comment if you can relate to my story.

Let’s hope we meet each other very soon in my next post. Till then do take care of yourself. Goodbye.






About mayur hulsar

Server(AIX)Administrator by profession, photographer & amateur astronomer by passion.. Fascinated by every aspect of life, and loves to live every moment of it..


  1. We are sailing in the same boat friend.

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