Malshej Ghat: Trip To Cloudy Mountain Tops

About 130 kms from my place and a fabulous weekend gateway what more I could ask for. After visiting this place, now I wonder how come it never strike me before to visit Malshej ghat!!!!

Elevated to about 700 meters from sea level, Malshej ghat is a part of Sahyadri ranges. As we drove to a three-hour trip we could see a high wall of mountain range and clouds clinging to its top.

We stopped at couple of places to breath in fresh air, enjoy the view and of course to click pictures. Having spent my whole life time on a sea level bearing altitude, this rare change was enough to excite me.

As I m writing this post, I continue to feel mesmerize thinking how clouds were obstructed by the huge wall of mountain range. That day it didn’t rain, at least till half the time of our journey. So we had scattered cloud cover, some blue sky visible from cloudy patches. All this was summed up to make a beautiful picture, and I m at loss of words to explain how beautiful it was.

I wish clouds should be a cotton filled pillows on which one can hold to. If that would have been the case then it would have become too easy to ride on them. You just need to climb up on one of the mountain peak and jump on the nearest cloud patch. That’s it!


That wasn’t the case anyways, so I just stood there at bottom and ravished on the view as much as possible with my eyes.



Below features were hard to miss and I was amazed to see them in reality as I had seen them only in pictures and in Google map.

This features starting from left are 1.Naneghat, 2. Jivdhan fort, and 3. Khada parsi (standing parsi) . Weird names for weird geological features I must say!

I made a mental note to visit them sooner or later and with that we started our journey again.


Once we climbed the hill road we reached to our pit stop. A MTDC resort (funded by state tourism ) and a restaurant. This was a very beautiful place up on a plateau overlooking distant mountain peaks and valleys. We never realized how we spent almost an hour being shutter crazy all that time.








We had just enough time to visit a water body created by Pimple Joga dam which is about 10 kilometers from this place. This place is a must see. The water expanse, neighboring hillocks and gusty winds create magic, no wonder we felt like staying there doing nothing but lie down on the grass.


But we had to leave. Specially I was bit upset as we were returning up quite early to avoid return traffic back to Mumbai. In that rush I had to let go one of the fort namely ‘Shivneri Fort’ which was about 28 kms from our site.

I said to myself that I will return here very soon. And would see all the places that I had not seen it this time.

IMG_8948 IMG_8945

We boarded our vehicle again, and started climbing down the ghat, just then it became as dark as evening. Soon rain followed. We enjoyed rains, felt like cherry on the cake. But stayed inside the car as we were too tired to do any more adventure.

I was feeling tired and sleepy too, but managed to get few shots of people enjoying water that fell right on the road from little streams.

I never realized when I doze off. But when I woke up we were far away from the hilly region and en route back to our home.

Malshej ghat appeared to me as a morning dream which was sweet, short but remained in my memory while I woke up to the reality of my everyday life!

IMG_8935    IMG_8882            IMG_8881

More photos of the same trip here on my FB page here. Please don’t forget to like my page once you visit.

Do let me know if you liked my useless ramblings. Would love to hear more from you.

Thanks for reading. Will meet next time, till then do take care. bye.

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