Under the Starry Skies and My First(successful) Attempt to Shoot Star Trails!

Well, the length of caption alone speaks enough and guess I don’t have to tell anymore.

So I wont go on like my usual rantings. Just a brief.

Last week I got the chance to attend a small star party. It was a meteor shower night. But bad luck I guess, night turned out pretty dull with very few or no meteors from the Camelopardalis shower.

Irrespective of the meteor shower, I wanted to go for star trail photography and this was my opportunity. Those who are interested to know, how to shoot star trails, heres the procedure I found on a blog.

I tried to took around three compositions, but only one came better. There was once dew condensation on the lens. When I tried to wipe it with cloth, focus got shifted and the tripod too. Result was that I had to work with less frames and two different shots. After final processing it strike me that composition is not great so I cropped image to my satisfaction. And what you see below is the fruit of my first successful star trails image. Cant say that its ultra cool but still worth the effort.


And below is what I learn from my first hand experience. Mayur Hulsar Photography will be back soon, till then do take care. Bye!

Star trails: things to keep an eye while shooting:

  • no tripod movement, no camera shakes, no frame change, it should b rock solid or otherwise your efforts would be ruined
  • focus for foreground objects, not on stars, devise a way to make a sharp focus on foreground object
  • think about some way that dew condensation will not happen on lens filter surface, keep a watch on it
  • if dew condensation happens then while cleaning make sure that it wont move your camera or tripod ruining the frame
  • take those dark frames now!



About mayur hulsar

Server(AIX)Administrator by profession, photographer & amateur astronomer by passion.. Fascinated by every aspect of life, and loves to live every moment of it..


  1. Good one! How long was the exposure for this?

  2. about one hour. its 30 seconds frames stacked in one frame. if you try doing it other wise, for one hour shutter open and camera noise starts to ruin the picture.

  3. Hi, great post. Please could you email me at amateurastrophotography@yahoo.co.uk, I would love to publish this image and post in the Amateur Astrophotography Ezine http://www.amateurastrophotography.net

    Many thanks

    • Hi Steve, glad to hear about your interest and thanks for your comment. I dont know what you mean by emailing, is it the post or the single image that I had clicked, you want me to email? Let me know. THanks.

  4. Hi Mayur, the image and exif data if possible please? Many thanks

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