A Refelction of Old Into New!

These snaps are from my last time’s visit to Dadar station. South Mumbai that’s the actual Mumbai is changing. As in its architecture changing. In recent times direction is to create a new city similar to Shanghai in China. Don’t know where this change will take us, but city is surely showing a new face, the glossy one. Old concrete stature is giving place to new high-rises with all that glass pane enforced walls.

My place is actually at the city outskirts and if I want to visit the main downtown then its about one hour local train ride or from the road. This month I rode till the downtown a couple of times and all that I could notice was these new high-rises. I got really mesmerized by the sheer heights and the aura these structures create.

Even though city is years away from having her first 100 storey building, but I guess things have started to move in that direction.

Right now one can still see a mix of old and new. Often a reflection of old into new, quite literally!











About mayur hulsar

Server(AIX)Administrator by profession, photographer & amateur astronomer by passion.. Fascinated by every aspect of life, and loves to live every moment of it..


  1. I am not sure I like this kind of modern, but I guess it is improvement in some way? I like the old, when old is taken care of..

  2. You’re that close to Mumbai wow! What a fascinating city! Skyscrapers are probably not good for the environment, But, I s’pose in a city as ridiculously HUGE as Mumbai, these tall buildings would help provide some extra space.

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