My Mind Has Become Numb


One upon a time when I was kid, I felt that once I grow up things are gonna change. Its gonna be beautiful, people will b wise, they wont fall prey for superstitions, they wont fall for religions, they will b united. Men and women will be treated equally. My country India, it will b truly free where people, everyone women, children anyone can roam freely, live the way they want.

But soon realized, it was a coming out of the shell experience to me. All my beliefs were shattered in fact its a continuous process. My people, yes people of my country are still knee-deep in superstitions, false beliefs, false assumptions and wrong ideologies. And modern mix of western and Indian culture should make things better but here at my place its turning into a dangerous potion. Apparently it’s not the fault of cultures but the way how we interpret it…..

This morning I woke up switched on my laptop to read news and my heart sulked reading this news flash:

“Gangrape survivor dies in Singapore; Delhi braces for protests
The 23-year-old whose savage gang rape on a bus in New Delhi sparked mass protests across the country died on Saturday in a Singapore hospital after suffering severe organ failure. As authorities braced for more unrest on the streets, police reinforcements could be seen fanning out across the centre of New Delhi ahead of the return of her body later in the day.

News excerpt… “She had suffered from severe organ failure following serious injuries to her body and brain,” Kelvin Loh, the chief executive of Singapore’s Mount Elizabeth Hospital, said in a statement.

“She was courageous in fighting for her life for so long against the odds but the trauma to her body was too severe for her to overcome.”

According to doctors in Singapore, the student lost her fight for life at 4:45am (2045 GMT), nearly two weeks after the brutal attack that horrified India.

After boarding a bus with tinted windows on December 16, the student was attacked by six drunk men who took it in turns to rape her and assaulted her with an iron bar before throwing her and her male companion off the moving vehicle.”

How many times we respond to pains of someone whom we didn’t see or meet? But the pile of horror onto her was so much that shook the entire nation. It seems that my mind has become numb just thinking how one can be cruel to someone?

Personally I feel those criminals should be hanged to death if our law can’t give any other painful and more justified punishment. Anything less than this wont be any good. This is clear open case and should be treated as a special case. At least next time someone might just think twice before doing such heinous crime.

I prey peace to the fighting soul and wish that her death wont be forgiven at least until those six men are penalized correctly.

I found this hording on my return home journey from office. It says ‘HUM SHARMINDA KAB HONGE’ in hind. It means when we will be ashamed of our actions. That’s so correct.

It is really dawned to take responsibility in our every action otherwise the final outcome is not going to be so pleasant.

R.I.P. Nirbhaya

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  1. In all this tragic story there is a good thing: the country (and even us outside) is now aware of this problem. And as I understand rape in not a one time insident. I also read about a 17-teen old who killed herself after rape because the police didn’t take her seriously. I see the protests as a good thing, hopefully it can lead to change. Change in India, change in other countries.

    • balraj singh

      hi ben! its a tragic story no doubt but people are aware of this and that too from centuries. there are lots of these types of cases in india which dont even get registered. about protest, it is good only if protesters know how to execute it(force always needs a good direction)… an indian i dont ‘hope’ instead m trying to understand the degree of cheapness of my people and useless rules of my society. girls are dying and their is nothing good about it 😦

  2. thanks for the positive note Bente… I get this reassurances that all is not lost and there is still some hope. Dont know what to say further. Your comment was unexpected to me, but i m glad that you read my post and chose to comment on it.

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