My Bundle of Joy

One more day to go, nah… just today’s night and tomorrow morning, and Zi will return home with our baby. It’s still not decided whether I shall pick them from her mother’s place or they are gonna arrange cab to come back home. Also just for the records, their arrival tomorrow is gonna end my mini bachelor hood of almost a month and half. But who’s complaining after all, huh?

NOt only me but everyone here are happy and eagerly waiting for the duo’s return. Maybe more than me, my mom and dad are waiting anxiously for their grand daughter’s arrival.

These many weeks when Zi and Mishka(yes, its official now, we r gonna call her ‘Mishka’ its Russian for teddy bear you know!) were at my in-laws place we visited their house almost on a daily basis. I felt that my daughter has made a driver out of me, haa haa.

But now the wait is over, and soon my very own bundle of joy will be at my home, and in my arms. Yes we will be doing daily night shifts as little new-born tend to remain awake in night times. Its gonna be not so pretty symphony when Mishka will keep us away from sleep in the coming nights, but then again who’s complaining??? As long as my bundle of joy is with me.

I still remember I had spent the second night after her birth in the hospital room watching baby and her mummy. Mishka stood awake way till 4 o’clock only taking little naps in between. That night I recalled and recited all the poems that I knew of, including some hindi movie numbers. She did in fact responded to my songs many times, and fell asleep quickly. I don’t know if she liked the way I sing, or it was out of fear that if she doesn’t sleep then I will continue to sing. Maybe will ask her sometime later when she grows up and starts speaking…. That night went alright but true awakening came to me when Mishka decided to sleep at-last but it was only after 5am. Seeking that moment I lay still beside her, resting after the long night. Soon sleep took me over. When I woke up after a while I saw Mishka sleeping close to me, almost near cuddling me. I looked upon my little angel, smiling, feeling that my night fatigue has vanished in thin air due to this very moment. I looked at Zi, and declared to her: From now on I will come at night till u get discharge.

Tomorrow when she returns its gonna be those moments again. Sleepless nights, but rewarding ones because Mishka will be with me.

Again another set of adventure begins…… Amen!



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Server(AIX)Administrator by profession, photographer & amateur astronomer by passion.. Fascinated by every aspect of life, and loves to live every moment of it..


  1. Mishka is so cute. Give our love to her… kabhi bula raha hain ghar pe?…. She looks like Zi. I feel you should brush up on your taekwondo now. You will need it in the future to keep the boys away. She’s gonna grow up to be a beautiful girl. God bless her with success, intelligence, knowledge, courage, strength, wealth, health and prosperity. Enjoy fatherhood, my friend. Yours truly- Pree and Sree

  2. thanks Sree. I m now recalling all the punches and kicks from Taekwondo… πŸ˜‰

  3. NKB

    Welcome home baby girl πŸ™‚

  4. Wow!! Sounds exciting. Finally ur wait is over. Anyways Really feeling happy for you..

  5. NKB

    Hahaha, just half of my comment was posted last night, the app I was using on my cellphone froze mid way, hence the glitch. Anyways…welcome to you and zi into parenthood, a fulfilling and life changing experience. I can’t call it a phase as it will last a lifetime…and maybe even beyond that! So enjoy the ride, as u aptly call it a roller coaster! If you need any advice or help with child care, do let me know I would be happy to share my experiences. πŸ™‚ love to the lil angel! And loads of patience to you two!

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  7. Your Misha is so cute πŸ™‚ Bless her…

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