Mumbai Weekend Shoot At Chor-bazaar Mumbai

Today the day seems to be extra lengthy. I woke up early went for a photo-shoot with a group known as Mumbai Weekend Shoot. This was the 3rd outing with this group. For the first time, this group and obviously I been to Versova Village, for the same the link is here.

For some time I really wanted to go out and shoot, to do street photography. But couldn’t get a chance to actually do it. This weekend my prior plan was to do birding( yeah, you heard it right!) with two of my friends. But their plan became tentative. And fortunately I was able to attend this shoot.

Place was Mumbai’s famous chor-bazaar, meaning thief market. This is one of the biggest flea market you will come across. But today being Moharam I think there was less crowd, less shops open. Maybe it was better as I had heard many things about this area. Most of it scary. I been told by my parents, my bro and even by mother in law that keep your belongings safe, rather do not take any valuable items at all. Irony is that they will steal your valuables, wallet and stuff and it will be sold there in the market itself. Then my sister in law went one step ahead, she told me take anything but don’t take your camera! But she didn’t explain me how I will take pictures without my camera, should I sketch chor-bazaar on a piece of paper, huh?

Fortunately this time I didn’t take her advice and carried my camera and I m still glad about having it at my disposal.

There is a whole new world when you enter this market. Although I still feel there was much to be seen and I haven’t got the chance to see it all. But what I saw made my senses freeze for some moments. The place was not at all good. Hostile would be the perfect word to describe it. I was accompanied by one of my friend, we both felt scared to enter every lane that lay in front of us. But for the sake of photography we got in, and thankfully came out in one piece. Yes, there is certain hostility but if you brave all this uncertainty you are bound to discover a new world. Specially for photographers, this place holds too much potential. Most of the bazaar was half shut because it was just 8:30 of morning and maybe because of Muharram. There were people leisurely waiting for something, maybe for work, waiting for customers to buy their goods. Sitting or standing ideally as if they have whole day’s time. I felt I m walking through a wax museum where wax statues are placed in various poses just waiting for me to be clicked. Many of them themselves asked me to take their shots and were really amazed to see their snaps on camera’s lcd screen.

I was happy that I managed to get some decent snaps, we roamed their for another half an hour or so and left the place. Well, here are some of the best snaps, please visit my fb page here for more snaps from the same place. And dont forget to like Mayur Hulsar Photography Facebook page.

Do let me know how I m doing. Will see you all very soon, till then do take care. Bye.


About mayur hulsar

Server(AIX)Administrator by profession, photographer & amateur astronomer by passion.. Fascinated by every aspect of life, and loves to live every moment of it..


  1. yogesh

    nice photo yaar

  2. Good portraits of the market-people, Mayur.

  3. Blood-Ink-Diary

    Totally relished the photo-essay! You are a brilliant photographer with a vein of humanity that is striking beautifully. Keep capturing, keep inspiring us. Cheers. Happy New Year, dear dost.

  4. balraj singh

    clicks are very nice and i am worried for that kid in the last pic, he seems too innocent for a place like chor bazaar(accor to how you mention it), we in amritsar also have a chor bazaar but is completely safe…..sometimes i really feel like mumbai is gonna explode (m sorry, really) but i dnt know,,,will never miss the chance to explore it personally……anyways you explained your psychological condition beautifully while you were there!

    • thanks for the comment Balraj. Forgive me for not going into details, but the last picture is not actually from chor-bazar but near to this place. after the shoot we went to visit my friend’s friend. there in that building I saw this kid… 🙂 personally I really loved the way this snap came.

      I feel my city is beautiful, and all this contrast maybe makes it more live. what say?

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  6. Charudatta shimpi

    awsm pic..

  7. vijay h v

    very nice play of light , darkness, grill design, wooden steps,child’s eyes looking at the photographer – this was the best of the lot even as the others were very good showing the expressions of hope, pensive poses of the people wondering if they would get their daily bread & butter today.

    Beautiful and thumbs down to your sis-in-law from me for trying to prevent such excellent phographs being taken!!!!!

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