That Glittery Evening.

My 50 mm lens allows me to shoot better even in low or dull light. But there is a limit to that. U have to have some light to photograph. This is what photography is all about. Recording light or rather in true terms creating magic through the light. But what if you reached on to the site and found your reliable source ‘The Sun’ has already gone down then? Should you start packing up things?

This is when my 50 mm prime lens came handy. Place was Marine drive, Churchgate. We reached at the time when sunset gave way to many other artificial source of lights. There were too many people and too many streetlights.

I kept on shooting even when the sunlight went off, and got some great bokeh shots. For those who are not aware you get a bokeh when you shoot a picture out of focus. There is a bit of wisdom here but I wont enter in more technical stuff.

Hope you like it…. there are more to come. Last month my pc crashed that is the reason I m still struggling to be on track. Hope to resolve this problem soon, so I can get going.

See you soon, till then do take care.


About mayur hulsar

Server(AIX)Administrator by profession, photographer & amateur astronomer by passion.. Fascinated by every aspect of life, and loves to live every moment of it..


  1. Recently I’ve become interested in the concept of boke. I never knew the word though. Here we have yet another word of Japanese origin. There are many. Thanks for the educational enlightenment MAYUR!

  2. Love that first image! Very cool!

  3. priyanka

    if i wud b in pic thn ajun chan disale aste…bt still 5n…

  4. balraj singh

    ” We reached at the time when sunset gave way to many other artificial source of lights. There were too many people and too many streetlights” these two lines shows ur writing skills and psychology as a writer….yeah the first pic is really nice and you must have removed the filter to click the last three clicks(if i have recognized the problem)

    • thanks Balraj. I do want to write but doesn’t always work like my photography. about the pictures, i don’t know what you mean by filter? some of these are purposely kept out of focus to have that light circles or pentagons type effect that is called ‘bokeh’ photography. others r simply blurred due to long time exposure.

      if not clear yet let me know, i will b glad to answer ur questions here.

      • balraj singh

        yeah i know the bokeh was intentional. about filter see your last image for example, there is light trial leading almost from the hand of that guy in black pants & going towards the beach, i dont like that thing on my photos so i used to remove filter(the glass cover before lens) while clicking pics in these type of situations.

      • thats a reflection of the street lights and its common. though I never tried removing IR filter from the lens. So dont know if removing that will get rid of the reflections, but good suggestion. will try this sometimes in dirt free room…

      • balraj singh

        yeah u will get rid of those reflections, i’ve tried it and it works, specially when there are lots of artificial lights.

      • then, I should try doing it…. but i m just too scared of dust damaging my lens. 😦

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