A New Theme for A New Start

This is not me but my office colleague and very good friend Vivek

‘You Only Live Once, But if You do it Right, Once is Enough” ….. true isn’t it?

Folks, its good to be back after all that break time since from last post which also happened to b the 100th post of this blog.

But sincerely speaking I feel that these two weeks were not enough. And I m feeling fancy stuff as I m writing this. And why shouldn’t I? Finally after much pondering I have chosen a new theme for my blog. For few day I was researching on which one to use. In fact I had changed my old theme that was ‘blaskn’ to ‘Twenty Twelve’. But soon felt very restricted and confusing. And all of a sudden this very Sunday morning enlightenment happened to me. I stumbled across ‘Imbalance2’ as a shear matter of chance. In fact I was looking for how to tweak 2012 but then suddenly I found this theme.

What I liked about this theme,  is its similarity to a portfolio style layout. This way I can have my own portfolio like website in my very blog. It also nearly matches to the looks of  brand new social site ‘Pinterest.com

Well there are some cons though. I will have to select a featured image for every post,  this way that image will show up on the home page.. And all the previous posts didn’t have any. That means I will have to edit all the posts, and set them their own featured image. Also I cannot publish large landscape images or otherwise they will show up crunched up. Therefore I will have to re-size all old images published before to a lighter version. This two tasks alone is gonna keep me busy for next couple of days.

I m hoping to complete things fast so I can concentrate better on the important things like taking pictures.

Meanwhile you guys can visit my newly launched Facebook Page and click on ‘Like’ to let me know that you have visited me. 😉

Will see you soon, till then do take care.


About mayur hulsar

Server(AIX)Administrator by profession, photographer & amateur astronomer by passion.. Fascinated by every aspect of life, and loves to live every moment of it..


  1. Changing themes isn’t easy at all. I was up to 164 posts when I changed my theme recently and had to perform tweaks on each one also, lots of work. For me I didn’t ponder for days upon a new theme, but weeks. It drove me nuts. Even though there are still a lot of improvements around the corner, I’m still able to relax a bit, happy with my site’s theme for now…

    • Yes, I did check your site sir. Its quite good. Setting up a new theme is like changing into a new home or even similar to moving house furniture for a new look. I was scared a bit before but I m liking the new look even more now. Still some tweaks to do, but in no time I will b all set. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

  2. Prashant Waje

    This one is really cool one dude . . . . I liked this pic !!! Nice Photography

  3. balraj singh

    hahaa i thought i’m the only one who struggled with themes. i looked for themes for couple of days when i finally agree with misty look(i was thinking that i have consumed so much time),,,but finally it was exactly what i wanted….i even tried urs but when you move your cursor it highlights the post with orange color but i was looking for blues and greens; moreover i wanted full post view so i went for misty look 🙂 congratulations for 100 posts(i want to achieve this number within three quarters of this year)

    • i feel the current theme is best suited for my photography blogs as its act like a portfolio.

      i have seen ur theme for the blog and its really great.

      all d best for ur goal.. keep writing and visiting my blog.

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