And Here Goes My 100th Post…

Every human being can achieve any feat that he desires, what sets him apart from achieving his goals are his own limitations imposed by himself and not by others.

Don’t know who said this but I feel this reassuringly correct….

Dear visitors and readers I feel very happy to present you my 100th post. Its been a little more than a year to reach to this goal but finally I m here.

Flight of Fancy

Flight of Fancy

Writing and most Importantly posting my photographs to ‘Mayur Hulsar Photography’ was an experience that grew along with me. It is similar to writing a daily or weekly journal, keeping track of your surroundings, growing as a photographer, polishing my writing skills if there are any.  🙂

I still read my old posts when I m free and reading the older ones is an experience similar of reading one’s old diaries. I always failed to maintain a daily journal. I started on several media, first ones on papers then tried writing online but lacked that consistency. But my blog allowed me to maintain that consistency.

Thanks to my blog and word press I made many blogger friends and not necessary that they are all photographers. My best buddy in blogging world Ganesh Dhamodhakar is a passionate writer and I really look forward that one day I can be as good as him. The Average Jim is a fashion and model photographer and one day I aspire to as good as he is. Bente is very recent addition to my friend list, he is based on Ireland works as a journalist and a photographer. Seeing his snaps I really feel to visit him sometime and see his beautiful country with my own eyes. Suja is fond of Music mostly classical and her posts are all about music.

There are many more personalities that I came across thanks to blogging. I feel the same would not have been possible with Facebook or other social media. Although having said that I got to mention that there are many friends from FB and twitter as well that follow my blog through these. And I m really thankful to all of them for going through my posts.

Well, it would be a long post if I try to put everything here what’s in mind. So will keep this short and sweet.

Likewise I again feel that this is just a milestone and not the complete victory. Life will go on and so does my blogging. Though I will be taking a break at least for a week or for couple of days from the daily posting. Though going for a break, I will be there to reply your comments so please leave your comments.

Whats next on Mayur Hulsar Photography:

  • More clicks of my surroundings
  • Some more projects that are in my mind and even have managed to Penn few of them down somewhere
  • Mayur Hulsar Photography….. Facebook page. Coming Soon.
  • Most probably if everything works out I m planning to have my own website by the end of this year
  • Your suggestions, some times I m short of ideas. But I do have an ear open for suggestions and ideas do let me know how I can improve.
  • It’s not about just the photography, I welcome my reader to discuss anything under the sky on my blog through the comments, please do.
  • In month of November my role is going to get upgraded in to something new and exciting. It’s not just the loving husband but I will start my part as a caring father too. 😉

Please do subscribe to my blog if you havent already and do write your feedback.

And lastly few of my best posts for you to check out, will see you very soon, till then do take care.


About mayur hulsar

Server(AIX)Administrator by profession, photographer & amateur astronomer by passion.. Fascinated by every aspect of life, and loves to live every moment of it..


  1. Awesome Post Mayur… May u explore much higher levels with ur photography. Really Good 2 c u reach 100 posts.
    Anyways Many Many Happy Returns of the day.

  2. Jivak

    wow…mayur….u re gonna rock in the coming time ahead…all the best.. keep smiling…

  3. mugdha

    Finaly u d completed yourtask till ur birthday,,, goodluck and all the best for further blogs

  4. Congratulations, Mayur. Nice photo.

  5. Neha B

    Good run mate! Keep up the excellent work!

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