I did my part today….


Well, ok I agree! Not one of my best looks, but it’s clearly night shift speaking on my face.

What I really want to tell is that there were local elections held at my city today, and I did my job by casting vote.

Speaking of elections I always remember one old incident….

I had just completed my higher college studies and now was attending some computer classes. It seems that Fifteen years of academic education was not worth it, that I had to join these specialized computer courses to find a decent job for myself. How good is our education system then, huh?

Well that’s not the story I want to tell. So coming back to main track, I had this friend ABC. She had never voted in her entire life time. No not a minor but simple lazy to use her rights. When I found this, I started as in my usual manner. Gave her a long speech telling her why it is important to cast a vote. How even a single vote can make a huge difference. Even though you don’t believe any political party, still you should reach to ballot box and cast a vote to whomsoever you trust the most. How you should exercise this right of ours and if we fail to do so, our vote maybe misused by the miscreants.

Well, at the end of my speech she was very impressed by me, at least it seemed to me. It was Friday, and how we fall into this conversation was because there were assembly elections to be held in the coming weekend. We met only after this weekend on the next weekday, maybe Monday or Tuesday. ABC  was way too anxious to tell me that she has indeed voted this time. When we met, she waved her left hand fingers showing me the ink mark on her finger. She was really happy that she had voted and casually asked me to show my ink mark. It was then when I was taken by surprise. Apparently My entire week off went into eating and sleeping and I completely forgot about casting my vote. Oh, I remember I made such a long face when I explained her how I forgot about it.

And ABC’s reaction??? Her face was mix of many emotions, mainly anger, surprise, bewilderment, and finally amused. We both soon broke into laughter. I promised her next time I wont be such a lazy ass and would really do the things, specially those which I preach to others.

Its been many years now. I have lost contact with ABC now. But still this incident make me remember her. Thinking of this I feel, what is life? It consist of such tiny bits and bytes. If you live in these bytes then I think you have done your part of a long journey called Life, isn’t it?


About mayur hulsar

Server(AIX)Administrator by profession, photographer & amateur astronomer by passion.. Fascinated by every aspect of life, and loves to live every moment of it..


  1. Neha B

    Nice anecdote… I too believe in practice n preach… Completely despise hypocrites, but I have learnt it the hard way… That life isn’t life without a lil bit of diplomacy n hypocrisy!

  2. ZI

    well any ways ur this post conveys the message of voting and that’s great, also nothing to matter wid ur night shift look

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