A Train Ride To Home

Our Five day and four night stay at various places in Kerala had to conclude with a pathetic train ride. My bookings of  AC coach had to be on a waiting even for the last moment. So I canceled them, to get my money back. As a backup I had already booked two confirmed seats on normal sleeper coach of the same train.

To our surprise when Zi and I reached to the Allepy railway station, we found that our AC compartment seats were also confirmed. Now we had four seats, two for each, one in an Air-conditioned bogey and one in a normal coach. Being a God-fearing person I decided to travel normal class as we had already cancelled our AC sleeper coach tickets.

And travelling all the way from Kerala to my city in this coach was the worst part of our entire adventure. I m not so used of travelling long distance in a train, and here it was to spend almost 18 hours in a moving metal. Cleanliness was absent, and that was the most disgusting part of it. I saw a mouse, couple of cockroaches and dirt everywhere. I prayed that we should get off this train as early as possible.

Despite all this, I did manage to photograph. I woke up very early, by then we were reaching Goa state. I felt very fresh, and inspired watching the sunrise. I took many shots way till afternoon.










IMG_6540 IMG_6541

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About mayur hulsar

Server(AIX)Administrator by profession, photographer & amateur astronomer by passion.. Fascinated by every aspect of life, and loves to live every moment of it..


  1. I’m just back from a 700 km journey and my feelings are not much different! And I went all unreserved as it was unplanned and those 700 km were in 5 steps!

  2. The train ride photos are very good, Mayur!

  3. zi

    yes, the snaps are very nice specially the morning of sunrise at goa

  4. Neha B

    Awwwww… For your last comment!
    And for your photography, 2 thumbs up!!! I loved the one of the station…absolutely flawless frame and ofcourse my favorite of the lot has to be the one with the “Pace of life” if I can call it that!
    And ur experience….very similar to mine… After having travelled on long distance trains in the UK, it’s a very difficult to even compare the journeys. Have had the opportunity to travel long distance by Indian railway a few times, my worst experience was while travelling from Chandigarh to mumbai in AC 3 tier. With close to 20 hrs… It was a nightmare journey in closed chambers with dirty smelly curtains n complete lack of fresh air. The stuffiness was unbearable, Kunal n I ended up sitting by the door most of the time. Since then we prefer to travel by general sleeper class… Atleast it has windows that can open…lolzzzz. Cleanliness is at the minimal always… But then u have to prepare urself for that before u travel, that’s the norm!

    • kudos to you Neha, for giving that wonderful caption ‘ Pace of life’ Well, it does justify my image. Seriously sometimes my brain doesn’t function.

      And welcome back. U know I was just going to call you to review my latest posts. 🙂

  5. Nice series. I think it was a nice Trip too.

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