Mumbai Monsoon starts and I m in house arrest already!

I was going to post something other than this today. But sometimes or maybe always, things happen the way that I don’t want them to happen. My two days of week off was systemically ruined by the first proper showers by Mumbai monsoon. I was having tons of work outside my house like making my bike ready for rains, buy rainy footwear, visiting my friend’s place and the list goes on.

Two days back monsoon was playing with emotions of Mumbai people by raining like somebody adds a pinch of salt over an open wound. Friday morning it was all cloudy and it felt as if it is going to rain hard for the whole day. I live tweeted and posted messages on FB but when the rain came actually it was like twenty seconds of shower. It felt like rain was in a hurry to go somewhere else and did not care about the agony of heat inflected citizens. The whole day was hot and humid and I felt tricked over this tweeter and FB episode. Just for the records now I have decided that I will never do live tweet for rains.

So why I m saying this, because then on that day I had time to do my chores but I didn’t do it. I postponed them over Saturday and Sunday when I have week-offs.

But when I reached home this Saturday from my night shift, I was reassured that there is this connection between me and the rains. Someone might feel I m just imagining things but seriously there is a relation between me and the Mumbai monsoon. Every year when it strikes I feel someone close to me like a friend has arrived. Everyone prepares, way before weeks at the start of monsoon, but all I think of is how to dodge the coming rains. Others carry umbrella, jackets and stuff, I make plans and strategies to escape the shower. This hide and seek goes on till the whole rainy season. Sometime I mange to stay dry, and sometimes rains win.

This Saturday rains started with quite a force. Though showers not lasted for whole time, but they did come back every time in some intervals. I was in a kind of house arrest. Whenever I thought of going out, it came in force. Thought, I would get a window on Sunday but that didn’t happen. Maybe I m blaming my laziness to the showers but believe me whenever I felt like going out they literally brought showers forcing me to stay indoors.

Finally in the evening I thought of doing something else than cursing the rains. One of my cousin had visited my house then, along with him I shot some pictures trying to show things outside my window. Most of the snaps are in monotone or duotone. There is very less greenery visible from my window and hence the less or no colour. Maybe will try to show some greens in my next post.

As I m writing this I m thinking about the two days of off that I had. It’s quite late already and I should go to bed. But I also feel bad that only few hours reaming of my holiday. So I feel its alright to live it rather sleep it. It has now stopped raining outside but one can still feel the sound of rain drops through tree leaves. For tomorrow I might use a public transport as my bike is not ready but that means getting up more early, but thinking of that makes me feel more sad. I can prey that rains don’t come, at least till I reach office. but then I feel, I m so selfish. Maybe even every office goers might be thinking just like me, isn’t it? Mumbai Monsoon shares this relation to every Mumbai people. Everyone wants it, they wait for it to soothe them out of the harsh summer. But when it rains, it disrupts their daily life, like no one else does. Its everyone’s favorite but there are different reasons for it.

I hope my hide-n-seek with rains continues but also feel that I may get one or two moments where I fail and get drenched…..


IMG_9872 IMG_9893




About mayur hulsar

Server(AIX)Administrator by profession, photographer & amateur astronomer by passion.. Fascinated by every aspect of life, and loves to live every moment of it..


  1. Good luch with the monsoon. These photos are great!

  2. The photo of falling drop is awesome; perfect time; and of the two birds too! Monsoon started great, get going!

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