The Venus Transit 2012, which never happened for me

Astronomy is in my veins, at least I feel it that way. Though nowadays I m more behind a camera than peering over a telescope or under the night dark sky. Still some part of me want to return to all the good old glorified days of my Amateur astronomy. And one such occasion was this year’s Venus transit.

The bug of Venus transit took me at least two weeks early and I started preparing for it, simultaneously posting various information about the event in my Pinterest board here…

I groped in my college going cousin and asked for his help in getting a bigger lens. We borrowed a 200mm lens from one of his friend with which we could shoot the Sun and the grazing Venus.

But who would have thought that on that very faithful day entire Mumbai city and its surrounding area would get covered by a thick cloud which would make one feel that Sun has taken a day off. That day Sun failed to show for the whole day and our entire preparation went in vein. I waited but there was no Sun, dismayed we returned home. And that day passed by watching snaps and videos from other people who were luck to have witnessed the event.

I was very sad that day and and the other day too. People who asked me if I had seen the transit, I wish I could brake their jaw or something but fortunately i did not do something that sort of.

Though I started to think positive after a day or two. I felt I was at least fortunate that I had seen the Venus transit of 2004 and that was one memorable day for me when I was in Delhi volunteering Nehru Planetarium of Delhi. At least now I don’t have to live for another 100 plus years to witness the next Venus Transit,… what say???!!!

I always think that there will be a next time because there is always something exciting going on up above our heads. Thinking the same I take your leave for this post. Mayur Hulsar Photography would soon return to its normalcy of one post a week as the fever of transit has faded. 🙂

So see you later, till then good bye and do take care….


Snap sourced from my fb friend Sean Walker….


Above image sourced from APOD(Astronomy Picture of the Day).

Click here or on the image to reach the page for more information.


About mayur hulsar

Server(AIX)Administrator by profession, photographer & amateur astronomer by passion.. Fascinated by every aspect of life, and loves to live every moment of it..


  1. It was really sad! I’d placed all my credit on you that you’ll take the photos and I’ll watch the transit through your photos, but it never happened for me too!

  2. mugdh

    even i wished to c the same, but since u didn’t take me u didn’t got the chance too… Any ways we will c next time

    • guess ur right, wish I had taken you with me. but it was so early thought of not disturbing you. unfortunately we wont b there to see the next Venus transit, but don’t worry there would b still so many celestial marvels that we will be seeing together..

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