The rare sunrise

If anyone has followed my earlier posts, they should be knowing that I m not an early riser person. In fact rising early way before sunrise is one thing that is on my agenda nowadays. And I am trying hard to actually achieve this. Well, who knows maybe my up coming posts would have more sunrise snaps than sunsets.

There are a couple of shots that I want to showcase from my last outing with one of my cousin. I wont get up early to do my regular chore, but we got up at 5am can you believe? to do a planned morning shoot at a place near my place.

Dongari Bandar is a fishermen’s port about 10 kms from my home. This is one of the secret places near my house. This village is still untouched by all the city’s hustle bustle and offer a serene view of mouth of the river and Arabian Sea.

Well, there is nothing much to say than this. Do let me know how I am doing, your comments make my day and motivates me to keep going.

See you very soon with a brand new project, till then do take care….





I had used my kit lens 18-55mm that came along with my Canon 500D. This lens has become soft now, also autofocus in that has failed. I had taken many magical moments with this glass, but slowly and steadily its loosing its lustre. I m now full-time using the new lens Canon 50mm EF-1.8 prime and 18-55mm is being phased out.

So it means there would be more snaps from 50mm unless I buy a new lens. Probably posting links to some old posts for which I had used 18-55mm would be a better homage to my old lens.

  1. The 1st post
  2. Mumbai Weekend Shoot
  3. Foggy Trip to Mahabaleshwar
  4. More snaps from Mahabaleshwar
  5. The Shuttlecock
  6. Sunsets twilight etc….

About mayur hulsar

Server(AIX)Administrator by profession, photographer & amateur astronomer by passion.. Fascinated by every aspect of life, and loves to live every moment of it..


  1. Mrunali Hulsar

    nice pic….I know this place….bohut baasss aata hai waha….gandawala…but pic are awesome

  2. The idea in the first and third snaps is interesting. Everything is the same except the sun risen by then 🙂

    • To b very honest with you I liked the first and the second frame. Third frame of sunrise is actually a HDR. but I m glad that you noticed. Lens has become really soft and focus is not crisp. That is the reason for posting previous links when it was better.

  3. Nice one….. Well photos are quite awesome. will definitely visit this place some day.
    it looks fine …..

  4. yogesh

    its very nice place and very nice scenery keep it up and i am expecting much more scene from you

  5. Minakshi


  6. Pingback: The Wind Sketch « Mayur Hulsar Photography

  7. unmesh

    leave it field and jump into photography i am sure will be more successful… trust me

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