Our very own version of Barbie Doll

Prerna is my sister-in-law Mrunali’s, sister’s daughter. When she is around there is no need to switch on TV or other means of entertainment. But then you have to see only those channels which she sees. Though I don’t have any problem with that, I have quite grown up watching cartoons and still see them on TV. In a short time she got mixed with the rest of my family members. She is so adorable that I wanted to take snaps of her the very first day I saw her.

And the opportunity striked at last, in last month to be precise. Apparently there was a discount offer going on, on one of the on-line photo printing website which my sister in law became aware of. She asked me to take her snaps so she can print them out. We decided to do an evening shoot in my house.

Perrna was called upon by her aunt, my sister in law… rather she was lured to our home. We promised her, Mrunali’s soft toys, she could play with them as long as she stays here. The photo-shoot went alright and we got fab images. There were four costumes that which we used on her and my little model was very cooperative. Those evening three hours were my most crazy moments full of laughter and silly talk as we talked her into giving poses, smile for camera etc etc.

Well, have a look at these snaps, and let me know which ones you liked the most….

I think I just got another feather to my photography portfolio or maybe couple of more thanks to her…

Waiting for your comments and feedback, do let me know.

Stay tuned to this frequency as there gonna be more lively changes happening around here so stay put, and don’t forget to subscribe to my posts in case you haven’t done already.

See you soon, and do take care…


IMG_8930 IMG_8941

IMG_8953 IMG_8959



IMG_8988  IMG_8991

IMG_9006 IMG_9007

IMG_9014 IMG_9013

IMG_9026 IMG_9041




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About mayur hulsar

Server(AIX)Administrator by profession, photographer & amateur astronomer by passion.. Fascinated by every aspect of life, and loves to live every moment of it..


  1. Mayur, 5/5 for these photos! My favorite would be the second one, flying Prerna.

    Otherwise, I get pretty confused with English relationships! Firstly, I thought your sis-in-law’s sister means your wife, then struck to me there can be other lines too 🙂

  2. Nice Photo Shoot. She iz so cute. Hats off ……

  3. Vivek

    Absolutely nice photography….Prerna is so cute and her Innocence makes photos live…

  4. yogesh

    nice photo

  5. mugdh

    good, nice keep the practice of kids photography- well i was not confused with ur english

  6. Tushar Hulsar

    i liked the snap where she is jumping… a very natural photo.. got to be very alert when around kids coz u will never jnow when u will get their best…. u cant just tell kids to pose like adults…

  7. Neha B

    Good collection Mayur, done a great job! Capturing lil ones may be exhausting but it sure does give great satisfying results! I am sure her parents must be all praises for you 😊.

  8. Mrunali Hulsar

    i liked all the photos….& yes i know the effort behind all…but had lot of fun during the shoot….

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