Summer visits our national park

Its been a while that Zi and I had been to any place. She had an work-off this 1st may owing to Maharashtra worker’s day. So we packed our stuff in the morning and headed towards Sanjay Gandhi National Park. It takes only 15 minutes on two-wheeler to reach there from my place, but the park opens only around at 8am for normal visitors. Thankfully being a state holiday national park’s entry was open and plus it was free for the very day.

Earlier plan was to b there for morning hours, walk, do some photography, and get the hell out of there before sun rises further up in the sky. But once you are here because of the all the greenery around, one doesn’t feel so hot. For the same reason we ended up spending half of the day there.

I was particularly shooting for all the flower bloom that was there from the onset of summer. Wherever I saw yellow and red were the colours. Even the road sides were full of fallen yellow flowers.  As we walked, the mixed scent of those flowers filled our lungs.

I know the red flowers are called Gulmohar in our native language. For a long time I was in a delusion that even the yellow flowers are also a type of gulmohar, just the colours are different. Now I know they are not but sadly I don’t know what those flowers are called. In fact they are more widely seen compared to the red Gulmohars. I should say thanks to my friend Ganesh because of him I went out to shoot these flowering trees. In his last post he spoke about the summer and yellow flowers tree at his place. And this made me to shoot the summer at my place.And what would be a greater place to shoot some flora and fauna than the park itself?!!!

So off we went to shoot these flowering trees, but of course I snapped at other things too. Maybe out of 100 shots below are the ones which came pretty good.



This frame at left is taken as ‘The Average Jim’ might take. Nah, he’s too good in such kind of portraits. I am just learning. In case you are wondering what I m blabbering feel free to visit his blog here.

Here I tried to shoot like how he does, the background light source, which makes an aura kind of thing around the subject. Having that glow around but at the same time maintain sharpness and focus on the subject.

Having spoken this and all above I would rather leave you all, alone with my images to decide if I have done a fair job or not.

As usual, do comment on my pictures or how I m doing, anything which would help me doing better than this.

See you all later, till then do take care….

Lonely tracks

Lonely tracks

It rained flowers the other day

It rained flowers the other day

Gulmohar Tree

Gulmohar Tree









About mayur hulsar

Server(AIX)Administrator by profession, photographer & amateur astronomer by passion.. Fascinated by every aspect of life, and loves to live every moment of it..


  1. I like what you’re doing here! And thanks for the props! 😉 I really like the way you compose your images, there is a certain subtlety and relaxing effect I get when looking at them. Quite soulful.

  2. Excellent all of them 🙂 real Mayur-ish photos after a while! And you finally got the red and yellow flowers too!

    As far as plant indetification, I use google group eFloraIndia for this purpose. Those folks reply you within minutes about what’s the plant (needs one-time registration with Google ID).

    Really wonderful photos; and text too! Thanks for a mention!

  3. yogesh

    Hi mayur its very nice photography by you

  4. Neha B

    Wow… These images brought back memories of our school picnics to the National park! Love the one with the deer, his eyes emote so many animal thoughts. The wandering feet snaps are good too, esp the rail tracks. So I see that u are clicking ur wife more often now 😊! Good work mayur…keep posting!

    • Neha, your every comment make my day… they are really thoughtful and so much alike in terms what I m thinking. To let you know, Zi’s first snap is nowadays my mobile’s wallpaper and it looks so better on screen I m really showing it off to everyone.. 😀

  5. Very nice Greenery. I just love National Parks. Flora and Fauna all Around..
    Nice Photography.

  6. It’s been said by many that Hindustan is the best place on earth for photo opportunities. But for you it doesn’t matter where you are. You have a unique style. Pleasurable on the eyes. Great stuff!

  7. mugdh

    if u start the picture wid ur model………obviously the rest will work very good, overall good effort

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