Jivak’s portfolio

I have mixed feelings for what I m going to post today. I or rather we been working on this project for the last 3-4 months and finally here I m presenting the very first portfolio exclusively shot by me.

Jivak had contacted me last year around when I was doing Advay’s photo-shoot session. One of my childhood friend when I had lived in a different place than today. He is a theatre practitioner now, and is working since last ten years in Marathi, Hindi and English plays. Always wants to create his own style and that’s what we tried in the photo shoot as well.

I can go deeper in giving details of the rendezvous of our first meet when I decided to do a portfolio shoot for him. But I would hold my intentions here.

All I can say is we tried experimenting a lot and not going with the flow of regular portfolio makers.  Jivak kept on trying new looks throughout, few did work well,

This post is about those pictures which really came best for us.

Hope you like them…

Jivak also owns a blog where he writes his thoughts in his free time, you can check the blog here: http://jivakindia.blogspot.in/

The outdoor shoots:


IMG_8046 IMG_8082-3




IMG_8268-1 IMG_8131-1

And the Indoors….

IMG_8318-1  IMG_8383-2-1

IMG_8359-1 IMG_8523-1

IMG_8365-1 IMG_8527-1

Two of the props we tried above, the second was clicked when we applied tattoo to Jivak.

Not a single image came nice on tattoo but instead I liked this one when we were preparing for that tattooed look.

The Grudge Look, this below one and above two are certainly not for Jivak’s portfolio but for my special collection in case you are wondering. 😉


This photo shoot would not have been possible without the help of these two duos, from left Ankit the makeup artist who made my post processing job much easier, and Dev who helped me in assisting camera and lights. Also special thanks to Amit, Jivak’s friend who made his home available for our indoor shoots.

IMG_8296 IMG_8261

Do let me know which images you liked and why.. Will see you all very soon with another post.

Till then do take care… and a have great day.


About mayur hulsar

Server(AIX)Administrator by profession, photographer & amateur astronomer by passion.. Fascinated by every aspect of life, and loves to live every moment of it..


  1. Good pictures! Can’t find just one best, I liked the third picture though!

  2. No wonder people call me a late latif. Did spend some time in knowing self, so took time in writing here. Finally gatehring words for it. But Mayur i must say you are the best. Have not changed since childhood. You were then and are so imaginative, visonary and expressive in thoughts as parallel to their occurence in mind. That at times we around can’t guess..”wat did u say?”.

    Ohh!!! the photo shoot were my words once i reached home that night after we shot for the whole day. The work was tremendous unforgettable and fun. Yes would firstly like to thank Devkant Yadav, Ankit Classanki and my college mate Amit Kanwalia without whom this wouldn’t hav been possible….

    For me as a layman i pick the fourth photograph as the best. Because that is me..just me myself. A simple casual smile. I am sure you took the right timing there. As you did for all.
    We did try on a lot of costumes and charaters though but the overall set of pics are good. It gives me immense understanding to visualise myself in different charaters, moods, expressions.
    Clicking a good looking model is different and capturing a boy next door with no specail features is far far away from ease. You have done a tremendous job though. Given the exposure, time span, resources that we could manage.
    All in all i can say a worthy experiment on the Aim, Apparatus & Procedure. And Conclusion – To go for the next one at the next level with the acknowledged learning. Keep up the great work.


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