Its good to re-process old snaps sometimes…

Two weeks ago my blogger friend Ganesh left a message, asking me why I m blogging less. I told him that I had created a SOP kind of thing all by myself to make me stay away from WordPress or rather away from blogging. In the very start of my blogging days, I had eaten, dream and slept about my blog and creating new posts from every single possible opportunity. But soon I was saturated by it, just the same way my brother is saturated by playing city villa all the time.  My brother is now completely away from building or planning his city on FB, but somehow his wife and my sister-in-law (isn’t that is obvious) continues to wreak havoc on the social media site.

Why this city villa thing was necessary to mention here? Well it was not at all necessary but I wanted to give some example and this is what I could come up with. 😀

Coming back to question of why I m blogging less, then would like to tell you that it is not that I m blogging less. It is just the fact  I m posting less frequently. Actually I aim to post once or twice in a week. What I m doing the other time if one would ask? Then my answer is I m living my life…  This living my life thing is actually allowing me to breathe more easy while writing my posts. I gather material till the end of my week’s time to create a story out of it.

And this is just what I did today. There are many things that I m going to share on this blog in coming weeks, but for today I thought of having something from history for this post. I went through old folders to check older pictures, and soon found something worth sharing with you guys.   Huh, now I m coming back to the main story of this post,…  at last.

About two years back I got my DSLR camera. I was so happy and anxious to take pictures that I took it  where-ever I went. I had taken my Canon 500D  even to couple of weddings. but then soon I started to realize awkward faces of the wedding photographers who saw me  shooting the bride-grooms.  Nowadays I carry my camera most of the time but not specifically on weddings.

So I had brought my camera at my cousin’s place. I was on a shooting frenzy and asked them to pose for me. We decided to go on their building terrace as the living room which we were using was dimly lit. Fortunately it was a foggy day hence lights were not harsh. We shot almost for two hours or more but it was so much fun that never realized when the evening struck to us.

I had originally post processed this photo shoot in vivid colours. But when I was going through those old snaps, I thought of re-processing them in a different way. Back then I was not aware about Light Room, and had processed the original version using Canon’s own software that had shipped with my cam.

It took me an hour or so to finish post processing, adding frame and copy right to each snap. But when it was over, the final product made me  totally happy. This whole retouching old photos affair made me realize how much I have gain in experience after all this time. I chose a black and white theme to depict these snaps as strings of old memory plus it also brings more of emotions.

Hmm, never thought that only introduction would run so long, but nevertheless if you are still reading this far, then don’t worry, your agony is over and now are the snaps about what I m talking of.

Hope you would like them. Do let me know which ones of these you liked it and why..

My bro with cousin sisters

As far as I remember it was kind of first frame, where they were not so willing to pose, but I know it takes some time to cheer them up

Someone cracks a joke or a two, yes we are good to start the shoot now…

This is the way to punch in style

And above here I get one frame that lasts for a life time…..

Of course technology can be a hindrance… they have to do the their texting even in the mid of a photo shoot!!!

And once again they are back in group to strike a pose…

I don’t know why I framed this… but the second picture below makes it worth. My bro trips while catching the rope.. haa haa!!!

My bro and my little sister decide to go solo for some of the frames…

We rock…

But here they are back as one…

I also had shot some stills when my models were tired or away…

The Old Chair

Intriguing Pipes

Framed Pipes

Well, above is the best of what I got on that day. It was fun to post process these old ones, and to cherish those old memories.

My serious passion for photography started just around two years back. Wish I could have started snapping photographs as early as a kid. Then I would have so many memories in the form of these pictures locked in digital format on my home computer. How nice it would have been then…. I just wonder!!!


About mayur hulsar

Server(AIX)Administrator by profession, photographer & amateur astronomer by passion.. Fascinated by every aspect of life, and loves to live every moment of it..


  1. Its Awesome Mayur…U always come up and highlight THE BEST photos. I guess its tough to choose the best pic. all are nice…

    • I m glad Vivek you felt the same. But not all snaps could b great. If you ask me then I liked the 3rd and 4th snaps the most… It would really help me if my viewers give me genuine comments and feedback that would help me becoming a better photographer…

  2. Mrunali Hulsar

    Mayur I have read you blog at last….and yes I liked it.. surprised ? Hehehe nahi nahi sachi u are good…chal ab tu bhi cityville khel mere saath as u promised….hehehe no re I didn’t read coz of the game but accidently….well keep it time bolg about me too 😉

  3. Mrunali Hulsar

    your* correction above 😉

  4. Mrunali Hulsar

    i almost forgot abt these snaps… it was a nice up on terrace especially when the there was no electricity.. and very hot in the house..
    so one need not require any special time to click snaps …. any simple moment can become a special moment….

  5. Neha B

    Hmmmm… Blogging is an art in itself, n very few ppl are able to hold an audience on theirs either by the words they use or pictures, experiences or their work. You, my friend, definitely know how to make sure ur readers give ur post a second glance. 🙂 ur work, no doubt is remarkable, but most importantly it’s the way each of ur snap tells a story… (it’s like that cool pix camera ad, “There’s a story behind every picture”). I personally like the one where ur subjects are busy with their cellphones, hahaha… Isn’t that what we see everywhere, bus stops, railway platforms, trains, some even while they are shopping! I also like the chubby cheeks one… It’s like “been there, done that” kinda feel… I m sure everyone sees a lil of their own self, friends, cousins, siblings in these snaps… as u said… Right company makes memories!

    • thanks a million for your comment, Neha. Your feedback means a lot to me.. I too liked the one ‘being busy in mobile gizoms’ Though they are not looking at camera, it still tells so much about today’s generation.


  7. lovly pic u evr click of mine thx da…lov u lot for these …anyway tht was formaly nw jast chanyachya zadavar chadhu nako…good improvment…try try…

  8. lovly pic da…u evr click of mine….i lov u for tht…
    it was formal way n in my wrd ata jast chanyachya zadavar chadhu nakos…hotat kadi kadi chukun mukun ashi kame… anyway good imprvmnt…try….hahhahahhahha lotz

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