This year’s first best…..

I was surfing Facebook d other day, and stumbled on a photography quote. It went something like this: ‘About 10-12 best pictures in a year is a good crop’

So going by this saying, I feel I already have such candidate snap with me.  And its none other than Advay’s snap taken on his very first birthday. For newcomers, Adavy is my cousin’s baby son. In last year’s end I had done a kind of family shoot for her. It was more of a get together than a serious photo shoot. I get to learn so many things from it. Plus the snaps which I took served to be one of my best shots not just for last year but for all time.

Heres the link for Advay’s last photo shoot: Advay Mania

    I was not sure to shoot the birthday party which I had been invited too. I m a photographer alright, but u see I easily get scared of  crowds. I used to be an introvert for quite some time when I was a kid. I feel confident only when I m among with my friends.

It was her pursuing that actually made me to take the camera out of my bag. I shot only couple of pictures, of hers with the baby and rest of her family. I got some shots while cutting birth day cake but they were not good. Maybe it takes more of something to actually shoot such ceremonies. Maybe I have to hit harder before I can start doing more of such shoots. In fact, even I m least interested in doing wedding or such, so that’s ok to me if I m failing in that.

But Advay’s snap make me feel confident to do portrait photography. To snap pictures of babies, kids, men, women or more precisely people. If someone looking at my very older entries they can see how I m evolving as a photographer. Before starting of this blog, I was shooting randomly, anything that came across me. Things remain more or less the same. But now it seems that I have gotten my field of interest, that is to shoot faces. Faces which are funny, sad, with expression or without, each of them telling some story. Because every pair of eyes have a different story to tell. Its like getting connected to the person through his picture.

They say a picture tells  thousand of stories, I wish my pictures would tell at least a few….!

Hope my readers have liked Advay’s snap. I m thankful to Neha and her hubby to allow me to capture Advay through my lens and upload his snap on my blog.

Would really love to hear from my viewers, so don’t forget to leave comments.

Will see you guys very soon. Till then do take care..


About mayur hulsar

Server(AIX)Administrator by profession, photographer & amateur astronomer by passion.. Fascinated by every aspect of life, and loves to live every moment of it..


  1. Neha B

    Well… What can I say… Or should I quote Will Smith from MIB ” I make this thing look Goooooood!”

    But, on a serious note, this is definitely one of ur finest work, credit to you and of course Advay! May u 2 make many more such beautiful snaps for the world to admire!

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