Next to Rusty Bus Graveyard

One of my early resolves for this year, was do a lot of walking and workouts. Well, neither one of it, is turning out for me. But couple of days back I did have a long stroll.

It was evening and we were returning home for dinner time. On this way there is one particular thing that interests me a lot. I been thinking how to frame this but could not able to. There is a piece of open ground  where old local transport buses are parked. I call this place ‘Bus Graveyard.’ Most of the times I see this junkyard in evening times and in low light, it looks more empty, kind of scary and hence the name.

A fly over bridge runs just at its side allowing a bird’s-eye view to anyone who is walking over the bridge. I always spent some time looking at old buses, resting peacefully. Just by looking at that old wreck I go through various feelings. Sometimes feeling of calm, peace and sometimes exactly opposites of it. That evening I saw couple of men walking under the bridge and next to bus grave-yard. I thought this could b my moment, as I grasped for my mobile and switched on the camera. I clicked when only one person remained in the frame.

By looking at this picture, I feel I should go on such walks more often. Well, lets see, this year isn’t over yet. Perhaps I would get bus graveyard in HDR sometime soon….!

Next to Rusty bus Junkyard.jpg


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Server(AIX)Administrator by profession, photographer & amateur astronomer by passion.. Fascinated by every aspect of life, and loves to live every moment of it..

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