One of my picture lands in IBM office!!!

Last three days I was on a training and to a different location other than my regular client office. This training was held at one of the IBM office in my city.

It was my first day to the training and got this pleasant surprise. In the brake I got thirsty and went to drink water from one of the water filters. There to my amazement I saw a print out of an image which was actually taken by me. I saw this printout taped on the wall. I had published the original image in my blog some months back. I was quite confidant about it being the same snap what I had taken. Still I took pains of actually borrowing some one else’s laptop and checked the image on my blog. It was the same image, apparently was used to promote the use of IBM’s ceramic mug(or for the matter any ceramic) to have beverage rather than using paper cups. I really liked this concept, and loved to see that my image was put to good use.

I soon found that this print-out was everywhere next to the water filters. I would have never known about this, if I would not have gone to this office. But such is the destiny I wonder.  I contacted the HR over there, told him about this. He asked me to contact my manager and seek his help. I would see if this works, anyways I m glad to have my image used by someone. By the way here is the link for that post and below is the original picture from the same post.

IBM Coffee Mug

IBM Coffee Mug: Above is the original image I had published on my blog

That same day I did a goggle search for the query ‘IBM coffee Mug‘ and found that same blog post to be on the 1st page and the 5th link on it. Probably that’s the reason why my picture made to the IBM office. Well, how many times does it happen that your page lands in the first page of Google search.

I m happy to have my picture somewhere published but its a mix feeling. I don’t know if I can succeed in getting some credit to that image. Because back then I had not watermarked that image. I have corrected that mistake now. If you visit that page now, you would see a water marked image. But really is that going to help me in future? Same case can happen to me some day or the other.  Learning from this mistake, I might even start water marking and copyrighting all my images but in WWW everyone knows how easy it is to get rid of that!

Whatever the case maybe, I am going to keep the existing creative commons licensing remains unaffected. All images here are still free to use and reproduce for non-commercial use on web or elsewhere unless stated otherwise. Please check my usage page for more details here.

Thanks for being with Mayur Hulsar Photography. Would see you soon in the next post probably with some good news about this ‘IBM coffee mug’  picture and definitely with some cool images.

Your feedback and comments are very much appreciated so dont forget to leave them.

See you all in next post, till then do take care.


About mayur hulsar

Server(AIX)Administrator by profession, photographer & amateur astronomer by passion.. Fascinated by every aspect of life, and loves to live every moment of it..


  1. It is very appropriate to seek attribution for the photos we take, because these photos are close to our heart; they have a story behind them; we have spent some of our time and energy on creating them and sharing with people.

    We should create more awareness about this. No one should use any images without attribution just because he got it free!

  2. Neha Bhandare

    Awesome bro!!! Good Going! \

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