Advay Mania….

Sometimes you already know that a particular photo shoot is going to be a great one. Like as if there is no doubt about its success. The photo shoot I m talking about had happened in month of December last year. It was a long pending task to visit my cousin also a childhood friend and then photograph her 8 month old baby boy. Actually I want to confess here that I was little nervous when we were traveling to her place.  I m very much aware of this feeling of nervousness and this creepy little thing arises whenever it is least wanted. Nevertheless everything worked really good. Snaps came really nice, plus I enjoyed the whole day like anything. After all my cousin, her brother and I were old buddies and it turned out to be a nice get together.



All in all I took more than 600 snaps. The entire shoot lasted for a whole day, well almost! That day I realized even photography could be a tiresome job. I was tired, even ‘Advay’ (Neha’s baby boy) started crying after some time. But baby’s mother was not tired. Her spirits were to a new level and I had a tough time convincing her to take a break for some time. Through out the shoot we got cool shots of Advay with his mom, dad or a solo shot. But later in evening he really got easy with me and gave me some of the best shots that I had ever took. In fact I too took pictures of us together.

Advay and his playmates

Advay and his playmates

Advay with his mom n dad

Advay with his mom n dad

What should I do with him???

What should I do with him???

There were about four different sessions according to the time of the day or the light condition. I did not use any flash or artificial light source except for the last session in evening. My only light source was the sunlight pouring thorough the window. I believe this is the best light source one can ever have. In evening when Sun rays actually entered through the window pane, I got pictures with a nice warm glow of mom and her son. One such picture is this.

in deep thoughts

in deep thoughts

mom and son share a lighter moment

mom and son share a lighter moment

When it grew dark, I had to resort to the built-in flash of my camera. I used a simple A4 sized paper as a flash diffuser. I had learned this trick when I read about ‘flash diffusers’ some time back. I too wanted to have a diffuser for my flash so I came up with this idea. I usually fold an A4 sized paper sheet into half and hold it in front of the flash. Folding the paper makes it portable to hold and also adds an extra layer to diffuse light more. Make sure that the diffuser is not exactly touching flash. Have some distance between the flash and the paper that you are holding, this aids in more light diffusing. We use diffusers to avoid the unwanted dark shadows behind the subject. Moreover it also helps in avoiding a pale or oily looking skin of a subject.

Though I been using this quick home-made diffuser for quite some time now, I never had used it for an actual serious photo-shoot. Holding this sheet of white paper in one hand, and camera in other may look very odd to someone but what is important to me is that, this really works like magic and really sets your images apart from bad one to good ones!

Dear readers, I feel very happy showcasing one of the best and final sets of the last year. I hope this trend continues for the current and many years in future too…. Amen!

See ya all very soon, till then Adios Amigos.

ps: Please follow this link to see some more snaps from the same series here. This page is on FB, kindly login to check the same. I will try to upload these pictures on Flickr for easy viewing.


About mayur hulsar

Server(AIX)Administrator by profession, photographer & amateur astronomer by passion.. Fascinated by every aspect of life, and loves to live every moment of it..


  1. great photos Mayur! I though if I could such photography, but I don’t have technical knowledge of cameras.

    • Hi Kailash, how r u? So good to hear from you, i m glad u liked it. Well, really speaking you don’t need much knowledge about cams. That is really secondary, you can gradually built that up. I would rather say start taking more snaps and most important see more nice snaps from other photographers.

      tk care.

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  3. Neha B

    Mayuuuuuuuuuuuur…. How can I thank you enough for this?
    It’s like u have stilled time to preserve these moments for all eternity! All the snaps are just awesome, selecting a favorite would be unfair! Thanks again!

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  6. NKB

    Reblogged this on Wife, Mother or Just "ME" and commented:
    Some where around this time last year, a few memories were created to last us a lifetime, captured beautifully on camera to have a visible proof of the magnificent time we had that day! My dear friend and older brother (whom I fondly call Big B) Mayur clicked some wonderful frames of my lil angel. It was a difficult task but gave stunning results, have a look!

  7. NKB

    When are u coming for you next session of Advay Mania??? This time we an addition of a lil princess as well 🙂

  8. oh, i thought another good news from your end. 😉

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