Baggage Counter Out…

The last year that is 31st Dec and this year’s first day aka 1st Jan, my mail box was flooded with various posts from all the bloggers to which I m subscribed. Yesterday I had a 12 hour shift( irony isn’t it?),  and all the time I was looking at these posts, envying about how timely these people are. At the same time I was cursing my self that how I could not able to come up with a decent post to mark the start of new year.

Soon, I left the thought of publishing anything, and closed the browser. I then went to do the regular things which I do in office that I do when I m at office especially in weekends. 🙂  If you really feel that something is wrong with me then even I would agree on that. It seems that I have overslept simply too much. Coz when I woke up this morning my face was swollen and looking at me, brother and sis in law had some funny time.  Soon I regained my conscientiousness, and sat in front of my desktop. Today I have important work to do, that is make the budget for this month and complete post processing for my last assignment. Though no matter, I was determined to start with the work that I have chosen for today, I could not able to suppress the urge to post something for this new year. So here it goes that something….

On 31st night I was with my family and we had decided to go for a dining in a nearby restaurant. As expected it was full and there was a waiting of an hour or so. We had already anticipated this, therefore we marched to a nearby amusement park. Game plan was to spend an hour or so there, then return to restaurant for food. I had not carried my DSLR camera so had to resort to my mobile phone camera. Hence all the time I struggled for the light, cursed the noise and myself for not bringing it. Though we took some pictures of my family and some candid snaps.

As we were leaving the amusement park, I found this security guard quite eager to pose. I pointed my cellphone lens to wards him and he gave a pose through the window bracket. Seeing this everyone around laughed and I took a pic. He was very amused when I showed him his picture. We bid him fare-well and went back to the hotel.

I liked the way he was happy of being photographed. It is these moments that reduces my fear of doing street photography. Plus it adds more such pleasant memories down the memory lane!!!
Today is 2nd Jan and I m already late to wish my fellow blogger friends and my readers to wish a happy new year. Though it is never too late if you do it anyways. So before I forget again, happy new year to everyone, let this year bring new joy and prosperity to everyone’s life.

Year 2011 was a great year for me as there were quite some achievements I made, including the start of my first photography blog. I hope to continue this trend, and look forward to click better pictures which tells life stories that is continually unfolding for me.

Will see you all very soon with some new snaps, so till then… Amigos Adios!…

Baggage counter out


About mayur hulsar

Server(AIX)Administrator by profession, photographer & amateur astronomer by passion.. Fascinated by every aspect of life, and loves to live every moment of it..


  1. The guard seems like he has come out of a photo frame on the wall! ha ha :-0

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