Two HDRs

When it comes to HDR photography, I m still at the bottom of Himalaya and there is a long way to climb. Heres me giving a try to do better in this field of photography. These snaps are part of the same Zoo series from the last and second last post….

This kind of scene can be see only in Discovery or NGC channel. But this was all real, right in front of me. The enclosure was kind of small island with water surrounding this land masses. And inside there were grass-eating animals like deer, and deer eating animal like crocodiles!

I never would know if Mr. Deer had  slightest idea that Mr. Croc was just behind him and could able to pounce any moment if he wants too!

Hide n Seek

Hide n Seek

There’s no story behind this snap, except this is the only HDR image which came right from all the bunch. This vintage model is at Nehru Science Center. Whenever I visit this place,  I make a point to visit the science park where this engine has kept with other old stuff that even includes an old Jet fighter plane!

The Steam Engine

The Steam Engine


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Server(AIX)Administrator by profession, photographer & amateur astronomer by passion.. Fascinated by every aspect of life, and loves to live every moment of it..

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