The Zoo Series…

I have bunch of snaps, clicked on a family outing. One Sunday or maybe Saturday morning we decided to go and roam the city. It was not just anywhere in city but particularity the City Zoo. Why if you ask? sure you can ask! But there is no definite answer for this question. Firstly we haven’t visited this place a long time back, in fact in all family members I was the one who had visited it, that too some couple of years early. and I had thoroughly enjoyed it. So it was mostly by my recommendation, plus I was the one who was going to sponsor most of the outing

My city zoo is blessed with a proper name, given in honor of Maratha king Shivaji’s mother, it’s called ‘Jijamata Prani Sangrahalay’ Olden times when India was under a british rule this place was known as Victoria Garden, for the honor to queen of England. The name ‘Victoria Garden’ was literally translated to my mother tongue and native language as ‘Ranicha Baag’. This name is so stuck to this zoo, that it is still called with the same name! I find this name to be very cute, and wonder that only nationality has changed in this name. Earlier it was Queen of England, and now our very old Marathi Jijamata!

This visit was fun, at times amusing and sometimes insightful. I took many pictures, and would like to start a short series to present some of the best snaps.  I would start right away without wasting any more time, just to let you know that there could be some pictures of a different place called Nehru Science Center. We had visited this place before and then headed to the actual zoo. This is one such place in my city that I would always recommend to check out. But more on this later….

For the time being and some posts in future I give you…… The City zoo!

This can happen only in zoo...

This can happen only in a zoo….

I m having upset stomach!

I have upset stomach!

Have we Met?

Have we Met Before?

Should I really try this?

Should I really try this?


Rose behind thorns


About mayur hulsar

Server(AIX)Administrator by profession, photographer & amateur astronomer by passion.. Fascinated by every aspect of life, and loves to live every moment of it..


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  2. The photos look nice! The idea of the first photo is excellent. But the last photo doesn’t look like a rose, I guess it’s pink oleander!

  3. is it??? but i really think it was rose… maybe i was too busy finding some meaning out of the snap…

  4. Harshada Sonavane

    you know wot mayur… more than your snaps i love reading your captions!!!! they r jus sooo good!!! bt this doesnt mean ur snaps r nt nyc… dey r realy gooddd keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!! looking forward for more….

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