Zi and me at the newly discovered beach

Those who are already following my blog must b knowing about my last time’s adventure wherein me and my bro suddenly discovered a secret beach. Well, not that secret,  but of course a place where you had lived for last ten years and if you are not aware of it?  Then it has to be secret at-least in some amount.

That same day,  I failed to pickup my wife from the nearby railway station because my bro and I were busy in exploring this new beach. Those who have missed this post here’s the link.

Girls or matter of fact women can show so much tantrums if they decide to,…. that day I learned this lesson. I didn’t pick her up from the station, and then whatever things happened when I went back home, I cant disclose it on my blog. Because I don’t know if someone actually read my posts(except for some followers, I m sorry if I hurt anyone) line by line, but I know she does read my blog.  So I would not put anything that would bring forward the true scary nature of wife. Let it remain secretive and let unmarried but willing men fall prey for it who are on the verge of getting married!!!

Then after too much negotiations, we both came to some agreement. It was, that I will take her to the same beach where bro and I had been. The actual visit to beach didn’t happened early, probably some weeks later. But then all the time I was constantly getting reminded of promise that I had made. I had to take her to beach anyways, I mean who would want break the promise if one is fearful about breaking his jaw or something…….

……Whatever I wrote above is at some point clear exaggeration, please note my wife is not like that. Ok, she is a bit of every idle type of wife, but not clearly all of above. I too wanted to take her to beach, because I was kind of very proud to discover that place.

Zi (her nick name, I started calling her by that, and now everyone does), and I went to the beautiful rocky beach, spent a great deal of quality time. moreover, returned home with one of the best portraits of her that I could ever have. So here it goes, some of the best snaps from Velankani beach and of course introducing my better half… Zi


Now thats a pose..

Now thats a pose..

This look I always get from her.. only this time slightly out of focus

I always get this look.. only this time slightly out of focus

And this is Me...

And this is Me…

Thats me

Thats me again, and cant get any more beautiful..!!!

So bid me farewell for this post, here’s the last one until next post….  bye bye and oh, yes… do take care!

Two's company

Two’s company

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About mayur hulsar

Server(AIX)Administrator by profession, photographer & amateur astronomer by passion.. Fascinated by every aspect of life, and loves to live every moment of it..


  1. I’m not gonna comment about the women nature, I’m scared too 😉

    Otherwise, photos are excellent. It was nice to meet Zi. By the way, who took the last photo (if the two are you)?

    • thanks for commenting Ganesh.

      I m too scared to give my camera to anyone, for a minute its ok but wont allow anyone to take the camera that far away.

      So in the last picture, its not us. They are some random couple just like us. The guy in the picture knew that I was taking their snap, but he was far away to comment or see what a nice picture I have taken.

      On second thoughts, try using that same picture for your smartphone. If the screen size is the same, then it will look good as wallpaper. In fact I did, its currently my mobile wallpaper and I m just loving it 😀

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