Introducing my latest photography gear: Canon 50mm EF 1.8 II lens


Welcome to my 51st post. If you are viewing my blog through a computer browser, you would notice white dots just like snow are falling as soon as the page opens. Well, in case you are wondering then this is the snow falling on my blog world for the upcoming festival eve! A feature from word-press!!!!  If you are already a word press user, then you might b aware of it. If not then one can enable this, by going to dashboard>settings >general and then select snow option.

Now coming to main story: This November somewhere mid of it, I ordered a prime lens from Flip-kart. After too much thought process I realized my newest gear should b a prime lens. Prime lens are basically fixed focal length lenses, exactly opposite of zoom lenses where focal length changes between wide and zoom angle. Canon 50 mm is the cheapest lens available from Canon. Its basically a portrait lens. Due to wide aperture I can safely term this lens as indoor lens. Before this lens I was using the kit lens 18-55 mm. With that It was nice to shoot outdoors, but come to in-house shooting, and I had to increase ISO anything from 800-1600. With new 50 mm, all test shots I took, it was well below 800 ISO. Now I feel bad, that why I didn’t have this lens before, when I had been to shoot at a children’s orphanage, they were all shot at annoying 1600 ISO.

In the end, I m really happy to have this lens. Here are some of the best shots that I took when I began its testing. My neighbor’s kids came to help me when I was looking for potential models. These three kids were really happy to pose for me. And with the final result below, we are just loving it!!!

I have started to get that hang of shooting portraits, and with this lens probably you would see more of such work.

So stay tuned, bye for now, take care.

The Tiny Model

The Tiny Model

That 70s look

That 70s look



Canon EF-50mm1.8II

Canon EF-50mm1.8II

Find review for this lens here.


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