Ladies And Gentlemen, I give you my 50th Post.!!!!!

How many time have you looked in the past: near or far? Well, last time I had a look, it was a month of April the same year. I was posting my first post, featuring my office colleagues in swimming pool. Kind of odd for a starter photography blog. Any aspiring photographer/blogger would fancy on having sexy looking models (though my fantasy remains till photo shoot only!) in bathing suit drenched in water as there first blog post  But that was not the case with me for obvious reason. Anyways I decided to give it a try. I remember even writing about how weird I m feeling about my first post.

The Pandora Group

The Pandora Group

Water park gives photographic Opportunity- My first Post

It has happened many times with me, that I let ideas die, just because they felt weird. That was the day, when I didn’t let this idea die. An idea of publishing a photography blog about my random clicks. It is now almost 8 months. Till now there is no stopping and I wish to write more.

Earlier it was photos for Facebook, and Flickr, now its stories for my blog. In this Venture I stumbled across some of the best photography blogs, and I learn many things related to being a good photographer. I made at least handful of friends online with whom I can share my thoughts, interests and views.

I always had this wanting to become a good writer if nothing else then writing a daily journal. Through my blog I could able to achieve both: writing and photography. Although my primary focus would remain on taking snaps.

For me, being a 50th post is not the end of the road, its in fact a milestone and there are many more to come.

A note of Thank-you: To all my readers, viewers of my photos and my sincere subscribers. I have to mention a special thank-you to my office colleague Vivek for subscribing my blog. It was a deal between me and him, that I would mention his name on my 50th post if he subscribes to my posts via email. There you go dude, feeling happy now?!

As my blogger friend Ganesh rightly puts, my blog is for my personal views but I do enjoy everyone’s attention and comments. Basically we thrive from the attention that we get and propel us in the right direction, let it be a virtual world or the real.

Speaking of support how can I forget my family and friends? Though my family might have rarely read(except my wife) any of the post but its their continued effort to tolerate me in real life is what allows me to follow my passion.

My Family posing @ ganpati-pule

My Family posing @ ganpati-pule

At the end of this post, I m really glad that I came at the end of this post! In an effort to write something out of the box for my 50th post, I tried very hard to come up with something great in writing but couldn’t able to. Now I can breathe a sigh of relief since I m done with this long pending task, finally making way for new posts.

Now Mayur Hulsar Photography will continue to post  more pictures taken by me as there are many more posts lined up in queue.


See ya later guys..

-Adios Amigos

In the bottom of this post are snaps of my cousin and my kiddo neighbor, these are one of my favorite snaps, hope you like them too.

What her eyes say

What her eyes say




About mayur hulsar

Server(AIX)Administrator by profession, photographer & amateur astronomer by passion.. Fascinated by every aspect of life, and loves to live every moment of it..


  1. Congrats Mayur for the 50th post! This took a long time to come. Now, as you’ve achieved this very first milestone for your blog, we expect a lot many new and interesting things to come ahead. Waiting for the 51st post now, and be sure of getting a comment from me on your 100th post too 🙂

  2. vivek

    Really man, its very touching. Just superb. I became your fan now. Just loved ur 50th post.
    one thing i want to say. u r really a very good photographer. Very nice yaar….
    Keep it up!!!!

  3. altaf

    congrats dude, your posts are interesting as usual.. you have covered 50 posts in a very short time, so keep up the passion..

  4. Vivek

    Excellent photography….. Like to see ur as well….

  5. Dear All,

    thanks a billion for posting comments… also to everyone who cared to visit the latest post. take care.

  6. priyanka jadhav

    ohh my god wat a snap..ossum..its luks realy real..n hya shebadya shiway koni model nai bhetla vatate.. bt pic is ossum..lov u da

  7. NKB

    I am catching up on your blog… All the ones I missed. first off – great post! I loved how you subtly sprung the hard truths of life in this post… Especially the thriving on attention part! Very true!
    Just like you then, I am now in a stage where every lil thought seems to have a story I wish to write about, heehee… Lets see… When I reach my milestones! Till then keep inspiring, keep reading!

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