Its a Native Thing….

In my last post I had mentioned about my native place.

Every village on Maharashtra Western Coastline (in native language its called Konkan) is as scenic as it should be. Western Ghat (a series of mountain ranges called Sahyadris) almost sticks to Arabian sea making Western coastline narrow and a difficult uneven terrain to its inhabitant. Ample coastline, secret beaches, roads-ways  so curvy that driving on it can be a scary and pleasurable experience at the same time.

My village is certainly not exception to all these.

I love my native like anything. And make a point of visiting at-least once a year. Spending a week in my village is like refueling yourself with precious life-fuel. Recharging yourself with new energy, which gives you strength to fight things for the whole year.

My village is blessed with a small bay beach, fort and a lighthouse. Although below snaps are not exactly from my village but nearby village port, used mainly for fishing and local ferry travel.  Nevertheless I would be posting a couple of post series that will include snaps from my village and nearby places that I had visited with my family and my wife at the start of this year……

A Thank-you Note: A million thanks to the latest blog subscribers Archana and Altaf who happen to b my very nice office friends/colleagues. I had always bugged them about subscribing to my blog and finally they fell prey for it day before yesterday. After subscribing they asked me what I will do in return? I said, I will post a note of thank you with your names in the latest blog post. and hence this note.. 😀

Stay tuned for more updates and happenings around my little world… thanks for reading.

-Adios Amigos


Hustle bustle at port


Just caught.. fish market next to harbour


Gang of three


Shud we asked them for a ride to home?


They appear to come straight from cartoon strip


A small boat docks to a big one


Bay boat parking


Ganesha temple on edge


Flying egret


About mayur hulsar

Server(AIX)Administrator by profession, photographer & amateur astronomer by passion.. Fascinated by every aspect of life, and loves to live every moment of it..


  1. It’s seems to be a wonderful place to visit Mayur! I always wanted to visit Konkan, but could never do it yet. A friend of mine is stationed in Velas, Dist. Ratnagiri, and he is constantly asking me to come, but you know how difficult it is to take time out; I hardly can find time to go my own native place.

    I find it a very awkward situation to take photos of people. They look at the man with camera like he has come from some different planet, that’s why I usually take photos of places rather than people.

    And again, this time you have done some advertising for Aircel/Chennai Super Kings; you must ask them for sponsorship amount 😉

  2. Ganesh, thanks for commenting. And I absolutely feel what you feel. Even now I feel that someone might simple snatch my camera if I try to take street photos. but u know what? it isnt the case. give it a try, things are always not what it looks like.

    If u really want to be worry free, then try shooting at children first. They are the easiest one, always ready to pose and ur snaps are bound to come great… Then once u get confidence you can scale higher.

    I m again going to share the same link that I had shared with you earlier.. Please read this pdf, it will give u direction:

    ps: read the first one that is to the left…

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