Post Featuring Challenge Given To James

A brief history: My last post was about a photography challenge that James had set up to me. Sadly my post ran so long that I failed to mention about James Blog post and the challenge that I had set upon him. This is for those readers who are visiting my blog for the very first time. My blogger friend James lives in Barbados, one can visit his blog here.

The challenge was to exchange a rough idea about each others place where they live. Then find a place near to his house, he has to visit the place and photograph that place or whatever interest them. James had given me a place near to my home: Ghodbunder Fort, that was my last post.

I had send James to Surfer’s Bay Beach Bar, a place at south most tip of the island. By the end of last week he came up with images too good to resist. Please check his awesome post here.

Extending challenge: We both have enjoyed this challenge, and it seems that one of James’s reader Joshua also liked it enough to join the bandwagon. Josh, lives in Manchester and is a freelance photographer. Welcome abroad, dude! One can check his work here.

Currently the challenge is between Josh and James. Guys, can’t wait to check your images.

I would also like to offer the same invitation to my readers, to take part in this challenge. Its a great way to know about each others living places and finding new places within our backyard. While hunting for a suitable location for James, I learned a great deal about Barbados. I knew the name, but never thought of that it is a country and similar stuff.

Showcase: Filip Ghinea’s quotes about himself “Banker during working hours, photographer the rest of the time. Sometimes, I wish it would be the other way around.”

Filip is my latest subscriber and owns a blog “Photography Chronicles“, visit his blog for a treat of cool images.

Whats next on Mayur Hulsar photography:

  • I m fast approaching my 50th post and have many things in store to share with you. I have created quite a handful drafts which I will soon publish.
  • Photography challenge is going to continue and you will be seeing new places!
  • I m going to start a new category ‘tips and tricks’ to share my experiences and things that I learned all this time taking photos. Hope, it will be useful to my readers.
  • I been to couple of outings and thus there are snaps dying to seek the rightful attention.
  • More street photography and I m trying to grope in my friends to do a portrait photography session.
  • HDR Photography

In the end I leave you with a sunset snap, taken from place called ‘Hedvai‘ This place is an awesome sand n rocky beach, and just next to rocks there is a Ganesha Temple. I saw this guy when he was enjoying the setting Sun, while playing with his mobile phone. I liked the way, this image has come, hope you like it too.

Let me know how I m doing, any suggestions and feedback would be highly appreciated. If you would like to hear more from me, please feel free to subscribe my blog,



At The Sunset


About mayur hulsar

Server(AIX)Administrator by profession, photographer & amateur astronomer by passion.. Fascinated by every aspect of life, and loves to live every moment of it..


  1. Thanks for the kind words Mayur! Been speaking to Joshua this morning and he has already completed his challenge so stay tuned as the blogs are coming really soon!

  2. guys, got compliment to this photo from a Flickr user in Italian. Had used google to see what he wrote. cool isnt it?

  3. My Life Chronicles

    Photos tell a million words-you have proven it & how !! Amazing work of photography from you.

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