Photography Challenge: Ghodbunder Fort area

Introduction: Very few people staying in my suburb might be aware that there is an old fort very near to their place. Ghodbunder fort, I had visited this place couple of years back, but then I didn’t have a proper camera with me. And certainly I would have never guessed, that one day it will be one of my blog story. Well, all credit goes to James. He is a passionate photographer, lives in Barbados and most important of all he follows my photography blog.. 🙂

The Challenge: A week ago I got inspired by one of his post.. It was about a photography challenge with his sister who happens to live in Australia. They had exchanged information of their current locations and each has to select a place for each other on Google map. Upon knowing the co-ordinates they have to go visit the place and shoot anything that interests them. How does this idea sound? Well, I left a comment to James post, asking if I can take part, and he happily obliged.

We soon exchanged co-ordinates for our places. To be informed James lives on an Island, an awesome place, I must say!

James had suggested Ghodbunder fort.This fort is one of the interesting places nearby my home. I was really happy to go there and shoot for the very first time using my D-SLR. But after reaching there my excitement took a downhill turn. I found the whole place to be covered in thick grass and they were grown to my chest height. Somehow I should have thought of this earlier, but I didn’t. A heavy monsoon had messed up this place to beyond recognition.

Internal wall from a courtyard or a church

Internal wall from a courtyard or a church

Fortified wall now covered by greens


Ghodbunder Fort has a fair amount of history, but what I liked about it, is its strategic location. It is located just inside to the mouth of river, where one can easily see the incoming as well as outgoing traffic. The ruler of this fort can administer the land around this fort and most important the river route.
Internal Wall structure

Internal Wall structure. 

This fort is in dilapidated state now. What remains is only an outer wall, and a natural ground-water tank. I did some history search and came to know that there was a church inside the fort. And this time I wanted to have an actual look at it. But tall grass made my search impossible. I was not able to walk anywhere to the inner parts of it.

A Snake maybe: There is a circle of wall, called buruj in my mother-tongue. It’s actually an extension to the fortified wall, on which one can climb and have a nice panoramic view to the surrounding area. In earlier times, this was used for monitoring the surroundings. My goal was to climb on top of it, and shoot the town from which I came. In fact I tried to climb on way covered with thick grass, just then something went by near the bushes. It scared the hell out of me, thinking of reptile or much worse a snake maybe, I left thought of conquering the wall, and took snaps here and there, just to know that I was there. Disappointed, I came back to the place where I had parked my bike.

Backup Plan: I had a look at time, it was another hour before sunset. I knew of just another place near to fort which could serve as a backup. Initially I had thought of going there, because one could see western side walls of the fort from that place. So off I went, and after some initial direction loss I reached there. To my amazement, this place we will call river side proved much better than the fort. It has a narrow concrete road which is lined by tress on both side. This road leads to a small Hindu Crematorium, probably it was built for local villagers. Beyond crematorium, road takes another small turn and there is the bay area.

River Side

River Side

The Brothers: I was greeted by two kid brothers, Clayton and Jaydon. They saw me taking photographs, and approached me. Clayton asked me straightway, “are you a photographer?” I was taken aback by this sudden question, and looked in the direction from where it came. “No, but I m learning!” was my answer. Kids are always enthusiastic about finding something new and for those two kids I was the new-found object!

Soon, we had a nice conversation and even exchanged our names. I learned that they had actually come from Goa and newly settled here in this village. For the entire time, then they were with me along with their two dogs. I was really amused by this new company. They acted like host and showed me river side. In fact I learnt many new things from them. Clayton, the elder one told me that tree cactus’ are going extinct. We were actually looking at some wild cactus when he gave me this valuable piece of information. He also told me that he watches Discovery all the time! So there was no point of denying then, and I simply nodded my head in an appreciative manner.

Kelyton and Jeydon

Jeydon and Clayton 

Electricity Transmission Towers: The two brothers led me towards the end of the road where bay area was visible. It was a very peaceful place. It was hard to imagine that one is so near to city and yet it is so cool and calm, away from noise and pollution. We spend some time there taking photos of the marsh lands, the two electrical towers which James had seen in the map. James this image is for you, mate!

Tiger Maybe: I took many snaps, some of the children playing nearby. Also talked with local villagers. There I learned that inside the fort a Tiger has been spotted, one should not go alone in the fort, and now they are telling me!

This whole area is part of a forest, and one side of this jungle there is a National park. Sighting of leopard near fort could be a possibility. This animal is well adapted to live near human settlements. In local language it is called ‘Vagh’ which literally means Tiger, but not necessarily the striped one. Needless to say, any tiger is as dangerous as the real one. I was feeling pretty scary inside the fort being all alone, as if I was in a Blair-witch movie Jungle. And thinking of possibility of a tiger inside the fort, now I understand how absurd is the fact that I was getting scared about spotting snakes!!!

My adventure concluded with few dozen photos of bay area, the river side and sunset snaps. Clayton, Jaydon and the two pet dogs remained with me for the entire shoot. Clayton even took my cam and tried to take some random snap. Of-course light was too low and snaps didn’t come right and I had to delete it. Frankly speaking this was most frightening moment, when he was operating my camera. And I heaved a sigh of relief only when the cam was again back with me!

In the end, I leave you with some of the best shots from my adventure trip! I would like to thanks James for pulling me out of my laziness and letting me do the thing which I enjoy the most, visiting places and photographing it!

I also want to thank my readers if anyone really cared to read till the very end of this story, I really appreciate your patience. Please do subscribe to my blog, and I promise I will try to keep the content minimum but enough interesting for you.

thanks and take care.

Here are some of the links I found when I Googled for its history.

Ship Wreck

Ship Wreck

Another wrecked ship

Another wrecked ship

Bike at sunset

Bay area

Attention Pose! 

Brothers: Jaydon and Clayton

Brothers: Jaydon and Clayton

Bursting Firecrackers

Bursting Firecrackers   

Sunset through concrete jungle

Sunset through concrete jungle

Hindu Crematorium

Hindu Crematorium

Farewell adieu

Farewell adieu  


About mayur hulsar

Server(AIX)Administrator by profession, photographer & amateur astronomer by passion.. Fascinated by every aspect of life, and loves to live every moment of it..


  1. Mayur you have done a great job! I was not expecting so much history information with it to i feel like i know India a little better now! Loving the photos of Jeydon and Clayton to.

  2. Hi Mayur,

    Great photos, I love the old fort covered in the vines and long grass, it looks like something out of of another world! The electricity pylon’s are my favourite though, again they look alien in that environment.

    I am also taking up James’ challenge, stay tuned to his blog or mine for more details!

    • I have to agree with you Josh that first one really does look out of this world!

      • thnks guys… personally I liked ‘ship wreck’ and the ‘attention pose’.

        This kid was standing just next to me. And he got in that pose, the moment he realized I was taking his snap. I laughed like anything, seeing his reaction. I don’t know why but even one of my nephew used to do the same.

      • “The electricity pylon’s are my favorite though, again they look alien in that environment.”
        @James,@Josh, even felt so, when I was there. it was that peaceful.

  3. Hey Mayur, excellent photos, and I read the post till end. I would suggest you uploading photos to It’s a google service used for diaplaying photos on Google earth. Panoranio photos are geotagged with coordinations, so it’s easy to view images at a specific location. I always upload my location-related photos on Panoramio, and it gives good exposure, i had 5000 hits in a month. Give it a try, at least have a look 🙂 let’s map our world with photos 🙂

  4. Hey, i messed with the second link, it’s Sorry 🙂

  5. If you have ever used Google Earth, you might find photos their according to places. Or in Google Maps, when you search for some location, you see photographs from that place. Have you ever wondered from where these photos come? They come via uploads by users like us. Google have made a special website named Panoramio for this purpose. For example you want to see photos near 17 deg 23′ 43″ N 74 56′ 43″, just go to panoramio and search the coordinates. Or just search for Mira Road, Maharashtra and you’ll find a lot of photos from your area. Let me know, if you know more explanation.

    P.s. I’m away frm my pc and it’s really tough to type and explain it on mobile browser.

  6. Pingback: Post Featuring Challenge Given To James « Mayur Hulsar Photography

  7. zi, thanks for the feedback. Yeah, its better now, that I can emphasis more on my pictures. But sadly the font is too light and small. At present I do not have much control over this. There are no options to increase and darken the font. I m helpless, can anyone throw some light on this? It would be really helpful.

  8. gordon gonsalves

    hi thanks for exploring my village on your side but i think you might not get proper information about my village,this village has been ruled bye most portugal and british than maratha and mugal so its very prestigius for portugal to keep there comand on this village to transport there thing to other part of there colonies and might be you met not real villager to get proper information most of fort side people are all tenent so they dont know about this dont feel bad i am proud on you to do this for my village…..keep it up and god bless you…..thanks

    • Hi Gordon, nice to hear from you. I was really unfortunate that I didn’t get much information from any locals. Though I did try to communicate with people but it was not that helpful. My knowledge about the fort mostly comes from google searches. But I will be really delighted to find a person who knows and can show me many more things about the fort and village than what I found.

      I m happy to see that my long published post still draws hits, though its not that important to me. But I m glad that someone from the ghodbunder village itself read and saw my pictures of their area. I m planning for another visit to the fort, hoping that grasses must have been cleared off by now. How about I come to meet you in person to get some more information about one of my favorite places, what say?

  9. Hey nice to discover your post. Great pictures! Thanks for sharing!

    I just got back from a cycling ride to Ghodbunder Fort and really liked the place!
    Here’s my blog post of the expedition:

    • hi, its nice to hear from you and I m glad u liked my post. I also checked ur post. looks like they cleared d mess. NOw feeling like paying a visit again, for another batch of new photos.

      I loved cycling and miss those childhood days of cycling all the time. Its quit an inspiration that u rode all the way from Andheri to visit this fort. 🙂

      • Thanks for dropping by Mayur, and your kind words. I’m keen to go back there and investigate that nice looking road you found and photographed. I missed that one this time.

  10. Gautam

    Nice Information and Photos !!!

  11. Vandana

    Superb Pics

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