Worker Boy Down The Lane

Boy down the lane

I was walking through a lane when this boy emerged from the door seen behind. For some moments he was amazed when he saw I taking his snap. I took the snap, and went quietly reviewing his picture. Normally I would stop, if there is an eye contact, would show the picture I took, but this time I didn’t.

He is a worker boy maybe, living in that small house. Something in his eyes, I felt deserved attention. Now as I m seeing this image more and more, wish I could had a little talk with him then!

This is one place I believe, has tremendous potential for portrait photography. It’s a small-scale industrial area and a very small lane pictured above which leads to service center for our car.

Just at the opening of this little road there is a tea stall and there one can see a lot of workers with their bright yellow hats, strolling and sipping tea. Whenever I visit this place, I wonder if I can bring my camera and take snaps of them, maybe in groups. I m still gathering some courage to actually do it.

Nevertheless, when I don’t have my DSLR, I use my cellphone to shoot at people or whatever interests me. My phone is really serving as a backup camera, and I feel very comfortable using it. You know its more easy to point my cellphone at strangers than my bulky SLR.

ps: this page is really not doing any justice to this 16:9 format image. I would ask my reader to click on the image to see its larger version in my Flickr account, thank you!


About mayur hulsar

Server(AIX)Administrator by profession, photographer & amateur astronomer by passion.. Fascinated by every aspect of life, and loves to live every moment of it..


  1. nice piece of writing Mayur. U r a good writer too.

  2. Something similar happened to me when I went Ramtek earlier this month. I saw two little boys on a hilltop. I wanted to get a photo. I don’t find it okay to click them without their knowledge, so I asked them if I can take a photo, they said NO! Wish if I hadn’t asked them; I was taking a photo in a good faith only!

    • Ganesh, i m most interested in capturing portraits. candid or proper ones. Recently i read e-book by Thomas Leuthard.

      Thomas is a street photographer. There are several approaches when it comes to street photography. Thomas’s approach is shoot and go away. 😛

      When you told me about ur incident I remembered what he had said in his book, that by asking the person, and if he refuses you will lose a precious moment. So sometimes you have to be stealth or rather walk away as if nothing has happened.

      Even I find this method rude. So I try to have a mean point. I take and show the person their photo. Try to make him like the image so he would allow me to keep it.

      This may not work, every time, but at least you can run away with the camera if he doesn’t agree, isn’t it? haa haa..

      Anyways do read the book, its a good one… heres the link:

      Read the book titled: “Going Candid” first. That’s the first part….

      Take care.

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