This is not actually a re-post. But I had taken these images last year. Some of my readers might have already seen this, and would like to apologize them for not posting fresh stock!

Well, story goes something like this: It was just a month that I had bought my D-SLR camera and you know how it is for a newly bought stuff. I was frantically taking pictures, everything, whatever that came in front of me. Though I was amateur back then, but even now I get amused by looking at my old snaps thinking how nice they had come. I was able to click nice, but was not so pro in post processing. I had just used one software that came along with my Camera. For the matter of fact I m in a learning phase still, but gradually I m picking up the speed.

Unfortunately, I didn’t even know how to preserve photos. Foolishly I converted RAW images to crunched JPEGs, and later deleted the original RAW files, thinking of saving disk space. Soon I realized that how idiotic was this decision to let go the originals. Specially I feel bad about these images from my ‘sunset, twilight’ set for which now I don’t have their originals.

Looks like introductory note became too lengthy than the actual post. So sorry for that again. Well, anyways here is the actual introduction, copy-pasted from My original Flickr set.



I always got moved by sunsets. They touch me somewhere deep down in heart. Not that, sunrises are uncool, but i m always so lazy to wake up early morning to actually see them. Therefore in my life journal there are more entries for amazing sunsets, than sunrise.

I have observed that no two sunsets are alike. but the ones which I saw, each of them, made a mark or two in my heart.


Wind Sketch
Wind Sketch


Sun Leaves a trail behind!

Sunset colours
Returning Home..

Engrossed in Themselves, evening couple
Engrossed in Themselves, evening couple

Location: Two Places!! Dongari port near Mumbai and other is Nariman Point, Mumbai India.

Do let me know which ones did you like.



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