A quick post about what I m reading

The Invisible Man

The Invisible Man

A quick post about what I m reading.

Now a days I m reading stories by H.G. Wells. I have completed ‘The Time Machine‘ and started to read ‘The Invisible Man‘. There are three more in the same book, it’s a kind of digest or collection of his bestsellers. The three which I have yet to read are as below:

The First Men In The Moon

The Secret Places of The Heart

The Island of Doctor Moreau

I used to be an avid bookworm. But due to various reasons, I m not able to take care of this passion as it demands. Reading, for everyone could be an activity of leisure, something which they do in free time or rather like my brother used to do, to aid in feeling sleepy. But for me it’s a very personal, and close to my heart. I would rather kill the person, if someone dares to disturb me while I m reading. I mostly enjoy story books, fictional, true, biography or technical stuff, but any book if it’s very interesting then I totally find myself immersed in it.

People get this kind of experience in movies, where they forget about the real while watching films, but for me reading a book works better than watching a movie. For instance I enjoyed reading Harry Potter series, also I liked ‘Da Vinci Code’ the book than its movie. Movie watching is a kind of feast to eyes, but when it comes to reading, you tend to visualize more. It simulates your brain, the grey cells, you know those cells in brain which are related to intelligence or something. Maybe that’s why all great men were book-worms, hmm me too! just kidding, lol!

Now I do want to write more, but I would stop here or someone could virtually kick me.

Nothing fruitful here, just wanted to write a post for today, before I go to sleep.

This is Mayur, signing off for today, will be back tomorrow with the street photography series that I m continuing for this week. Hang on to this channel, there are lot of things to come!


Tk care.


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