So What’s Keeping Me Busy…

Whats keeping me busy these days??? As if anyone care? But since its my blog I can write about it, right? Apparently I was busy hence could not use my computer for extra work and just checked my emails and stuff. Life went as it should, I did all the office chores, some house stuff but then taking some time out to do the extra activities like blogging a post, that’s what I couldn’t able to do. Everyday I thought to publish one post, but that post never materialized.

But blogging or no blogging, photography was not interrupted, touch wood!

I been to at-least three small outings, one was street-walk to a nearby suburb, more on this later. And other two were mainly for landscape photography. I took the snaps thinking to convert them in HDR later. But have to admit that there is lot of learning in this region and looks like I have just started.

I would like to hear more from my viewers, and be grateful to have positive/negative feedback or suggestions that would make this learning curve a joy ride!

Clicking on these images will take you to my Picasa web gallery.

Ferry arrives to port

Boats parked at shore

Nicely packed and parked!

Framed HDR



About mayur hulsar

Server(AIX)Administrator by profession, photographer & amateur astronomer by passion.. Fascinated by every aspect of life, and loves to live every moment of it..


  1. Rahul Gorwadkar

    Hey mayur.. Awesome snaps. Liked it very much!! Are these images taken in HDR? Or it was manually done?

    • hey rahul, thanks for the comment. They are processed for HDR, three snaps each at different exposures merged together. I m still to master this art, probably some time soon I will repost these same images but more better than this.

      • Rahul Gorwadkar

        Well these snaps are really good examples of HDR. And more to it.. Processed HDR’s take more efforts I guess. So really hats off for these snaps.

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