Last Week Update

Couple of things happened last week. I had been to two outings. One was a visit to a children orphanage and other a morning ride with my bro to a nearby Buddhist pagoda. I have been to this Pagoda but still feel like going there whenever possible. I have those snaps still to be post processed at my disposal but it may take another couple of days before I upload them.

This is one of the snap from Pagoda outing. We reached about an hour early in morning so we decided to head for a nearby creek.

We Got Company….

We Got Company!!!

I m nowadays busy in reading other photography sites/blogs, seeing their work. I have updated my ‘blog roll’ with many new link additions. Please do check the links it could be helpful to an aspiring photographer or plain delightful to see their talent. I find myself inferior when I compare their work with mine.

Also I would like to share a free e-book on street photography by Thomas Leuthard. The subject deals with street photography and only street photography, but it’s an eye opener to anyone who is passionate about photography but has no idea how and where to go ahead. Coincidence, I might say but I was actually looking for a guidance which could provide me to go out on a street and shoot without fear. I still feel scared to point and shoot with my camera on a stranger. What if he/she breaks my nose? The answer to this very question is given in this book. And I loved the part where Thomas has given a set of ready excuses if someone asks you questions. My favorite excuse is: “I took your photo, now you owe me 10 dollars…” Please find the e-book here.

Meanwhile my country continues to boil from the fight against corruption. I have read history books about revolutions; my country has got independence from such so many revolutions. But here I m watching making of history in front of my eyes. People have come out of street to protest against corruption and the whole affair is now looking similar to Libyan and Egyptian movements against their governments.

People have never come so united before.  I feel proud to be a part of this revolution, I feel good that it is happening in my life time.  I really don’t know if fight against corruption will be successful or not. Maybe no one knows but at least someone is making a difference. We as Indians always boast of our country that it is so diverse, rich in resources and in culture but even after 50th anniversary of independence, India is known as developing country and not developed country.

Probably a corruption free India would achieve this feat.  The time will only tell…



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