Feels Just Like Yesterday…

Feels Just Like Yesterday From A Visit to my childhood place

An unplanned visit to the place where I used to live at least 10 years back.

It’s been a decade, but it felt just like yesterday.

This was my home. and there was a bicycle neatly parked and its handle locked to iron railings. I remember even I had parked my bicycle next to those railings same like the kid staying in that house have done now. The flower pots, the steps leading to my house door, everything reminded me of those old days. Days where I grew up, rode my bicycle, played with my best friends.

Times changed and our surrounding changed, we left this place to live in a new house. Friends got separated by distances, and distances grew more as the time passed. Soon every friend of mine left our old place where we lived. Now no one lives there whom I know, and it has become kind of stranger to me, until I visited it again.

I went there, and I knew I wont find those similar faces and everyone will be alien to me. But still I found something in that place, something which we had left there. Even after so many years my old home was still the same. Yes, there were changes but some part of it did remind me of our adventures. And I kept telling to myself that this is where I played, at this place I fell and had a bruised knee and so many other things.

I realize that my old place has not changed, it is we that have outgrown it. It is still the same, and is now inhabited by new kids. They probably are doing the same things we did. Playing, riding and mostly growing old. Another generation, and could be another set of adventures!

I felt like seeing the kid who now lives in my house, and rides this bicycle. But I could not. But only if I could, then I might have seen my old self in him. As if, I have travelled back in time to see myself. Or it is just like returning to Never-land to see my old folks who still refuse to grow.

Feels just like yesterday…. I couldn’t agree more!


ps: This post may not interest to other people who didnt grow up with me. But it doesnt necessaryily mean that way. I m sure there would be similar feelings to everyone for his or her childhood days. For the same reason I want to dedicate this to my old pals whom I still miss.

Please find more snaps from the same series here.

A Visit to my childhood place

About mayur hulsar

Server(AIX)Administrator by profession, photographer & amateur astronomer by passion.. Fascinated by every aspect of life, and loves to live every moment of it..


  1. Hey mitra, thanks a lot for taking me back to all those old n sweet memories which I’ll never forget in my life. Still feel like you r experimenting something and as usual m standing behind you as onlooker…. 🙂

    • Hi Nitin,

      thanks for the reply. yes fabulous were those days, indeed.

      The experimenting never stops, its just the media that has changed.

      want to hear more from you. where r u now days? in city or pune? our school friends are planning a get-together in the next few months.



  2. Tushar Vaidya

    Superb work!!

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