More Snaps From Mahabaleshwar Trip

In my last post I had posted some of my favorite snaps from the Mahabaleshwar trip. This post is a sequel of that previous post. Here in this post I will try to concentrate more on my photography rather than showing off my writer personality.  😀

This very trip was a photographic extravaganza for me. I took many shots specifically to create HDR images. Below is one of the shot that I can’t resist to repost again.

Neverland's Jungle

Neverland’s jungle

Neverland’s Jungle is the first HDR which came right for me. Often HDR images end up looking animated and unnatural. For me this image is as real as it could be because I have seen Mahabaleshwar Jungle with my own eyes. But at the same time it appears ghostly, alien-land due to engulfing fog.

And below are more snaps as promised from the same outing, hope u like them.

Mysty road

Mystical Road

We stopped for a while on way to Pratapghad fort.

Transformer at Pratapghad fort

Transformer at Pratapghad fort

Car Wreck

Car Wreck

Dish Antenna on a Village House

Dish Antenna on a Village House

Car Wash

Car Wash


Tableland pose

The above image is kind of dry run for my ‘f8 and be there‘ project.

Baby at Shop

Baby at Shop

Tossing a Stone

Tossing a Stone

The Pandorain Team

The Pandora Team

My teammates who made this journey possible and memorable.

For this snap I used ‘the hangover movie’ preset from Lightroom, to get that rusty effect.

There are more images but here I will stop my self from the temptation. Please do let me know which snaps you liked d most.



Additional Note:  The link to this page got featured on one of the travel site Puneri

Heres the actual page link Mahabaleshwar Blogs


About mayur hulsar

Server(AIX)Administrator by profession, photographer & amateur astronomer by passion.. Fascinated by every aspect of life, and loves to live every moment of it..


  1. Harikrishnan

    Wow.. superb…!! Wonderful.. photography collections.. & memories.. !!
    Good Work.. !! Keep up …

  2. kavita

    hey mayur as usual you will always get compliment from me for your TALENT as i always say i am fan of your photography …….Preserve this 🙂

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