Foggy Trip To A Hill Station

Life is always hectic once you are in service industry. You get week-offs and not weekends. You will get two days of off but it will not be on sat-sun, it will be any day and need not be the weekend. Or in case of my brother it could also be a different days off, rather than consecutive days. But why I m telling this? Nothing much, just we had been too much frustrated from the office life. So we decided to go for another outing, to let out some frustration.

The Traveler

TravellerWe planned a grand two-day outing to a nearby hill station and many of our friends agreed to join in. We were delighted hoping it would be a pleasant break from daily chore. But soon many guys backed off due to some reason or the other. Our frustration grew and the whole affair of going for this trip became tentative.

We went for the trip alright, but even at the last point of departure, we were not sure of how many guys are actually going to join. We had to literally abduct one of our friend who was not willing to join for some entirely avoidable reason. Ultimately we were five guys on our way to Mahabaleshwar……

Neverland's Jungle

IMG_0097_8_9Mahabaleshwar, is one of the two hill station that is near from my city. It takes a little more than four hours to reach Mahabaleshwar, but once you are here your efforts are well paid off. Last year we been to Matheran which is more closer to the city and equally captivating.

Krishna River Valley

Krishna River ValleyLast season at Matheran I saw enough fog, that those memories will last for whole lifetime. Even at Mahabaleshwar this time we encountered the same fog and old memories were refreshed. There is something very mysterious or romantic about this whole foggy affair. The wind was cool, rain showers were frequent but they came and went. What left was this fog which surrounded the entire hill station. We could not see most of the panorama due to this fog. But it was kind of thrilling to know that you are at the edge of very cliff but what you see is one big white screen of fog and nothing else. One step forward to the unknown and it will be the last downhill journey for you. My friend commented that if you fell down, then don’t have to worry, because anyways for the last time your worries will be over.

On The Way to Pratapghad Fort

On the way to Pratapghad Fort

Engulfed in fog: Pratapghad Fort

Engulfed in fogI got a map of Mahabaleshwar from the market side area. There it had at least 20 sightseeing points. We saw just couple of them. Felt bad that this hill station had so much to offer and we are leaving with few points. But then I made a promise to myself  that “I Will Be Back!!!” just like ‘Arnold Schwarzenegger’ did in movie ‘The Terminator’ 😀

Feeling lonely

Feeling lonely...

Misty Whirlpool

Misty Whirlpool

One Preoccupied Mind

One Preoccupied MindSeeing the almighty mountain ranges totally covered in lush green and topped with that fog, my friends exclaimed this could be the heaven for Gods. If a hill station situated on 4300 feet above sea level can create such magic, then I wondered what Himalayan ranges could do to a man? My plan to go to Ladakh on a bike still lingers in mind but when I will be there I will witness that magic through my own eyes and will recall moments that I had spent in Mahabaleshwar. With Love, -Mayur

ps: All the snaps above were taken from my Canon EOS 500D camera.  I will be posting more snaps from the same trip but anyways if you want to see them it will be visible on my Flickr page here.


About mayur hulsar

Server(AIX)Administrator by profession, photographer & amateur astronomer by passion.. Fascinated by every aspect of life, and loves to live every moment of it..


  1. Awesome pics dude !!!!!!

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  3. sunil

    amazing photography……….!!

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  5. ramdin

    Great Blog,
    I like the way you written the post.
    You written very nice information on Hill stations,
    It will very useful for new traveler.Images are very clean and easy to optimize. I like to visit Mahabaleshwar hill station.
    Thanks for sharing such a nice blog…

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