A Young Girl Carries Water Bottles While It Starts Raining

A Small Girl Carries Water Bottles While It Starts Raining by donteatthis

I been trying to capture monsoon mood this season. I even prepared myself and my camera for rains. Particularly my camera, for which I custom-made a rain cover. Now I need is some good showers and opportunity for clicks.
But Mumbai monsoon has its own mood swings. It keeps you waiting, begging and when the epitome of waiting is reached it arrives.
Contrary to all this, nowadays monsoon is really playing tricks with Mumbaites. It reached a couple of days early and everyone felt a sigh of relief. But only after few days it went off. It’s now almost one week, Mumbai city is having a thick cloud cover as if it will rain at any moment but there is hardly any! Though it rains for some time like a tiny drizzle and it goes off, this only results in more hot and humid weather.

This picture was taken some days back when monsoon was just arriving and things were started to look more promising. My office colleagues(again!) and I had been for a long ride. A Buddhist Pagoda almost near to its completion. We had just reached the site and were eating snacks, when it started to drizzle. All of a sudden Mercury dropped and everything started feeling very nice. The aroma of mud, sudden gusty winds and what not?!!!
I stood near the doorway from which I could see rains and capture shots. I saw this small girl carrying drinking water over her head. Her mother was walking along with her, looked like they were workers at this site.
When I started taking snap of them, she saw that and stared at me for a long time. I had to crop this image to see her expression. Her curiosity, the hint of smile if you really observe, is what I liked. It was raining but still she made no effort to run and get shelter. Rains really bring that soothing effect on an individual, I thought.
For now, that soothing effect has gone. I m restless due to this hot weather, and waiting eagerly for some shower.
Hope it rains soon….!

bdw.. Below are more snaps from the same outing.








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