Mumbai gets drenched in Monsoon pre-shower

Mumbai monsoon by donteatthis
Mumbai monsoon, a photo by donteatthis on Flickr.

3rd June, very early for its standard, i thought. Mumbai monsoon do not bless the city with its relieving rain shower at least till it is 7th or 8th June.

But yesterday’s downpour changed it all, maybe!

While i was enjoying the first showers, i simultaneously did a live tweet.

Above image is actually a screenshot from my mobile phone which i had uploaded to flickr.

Soon it was dark everywhere, but rain continued to fall. Then i got a call from my wife, she had reached to station and I had to pick her up. I prepared my self and at the same time I was thinking that here again we are going to have the first times,  first rain after getting married, first drive in car while it is raining, and etc etc.

I was a bit drenched while getting inside the car and so she was when i picked her from the railway station. I told her about the first times, she laughed on that. Maybe she has got used to me now! We did not directly rush to home, but rather drove through first rains for some time. So a little long ride in rain for the first time was also done. But then we also had to hear a little from mother too, well that was not the first time… we both agreed on that.

First rains, first drive and a newly married life………. looks like my adventure has just begun!!!


About mayur hulsar

Server(AIX)Administrator by profession, photographer & amateur astronomer by passion.. Fascinated by every aspect of life, and loves to live every moment of it..


  1. shaikh nazia

    Your header image is nice, it shows a sign of good photography; a unique image. The rainy pic from your mobile is also very nice. It seems that u had enjoyed a lot your first rain after marriage. You are a lovely husband that came in rain to pick me up. The Moment i saw u my first rain after marriage became very sexy, i remember ours first lovely rain, i enjoyed the long drive, Thank you. Yes your First rains, first drive and a newly married life adventure begins

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