Versova Village shot by MWS photographers

Waking up at 5am was in fact a tough deal. But usually I don’t sleep at all if i have to go to some outing. Weekend shoot at Versova was no exception. This small outing was called in from Mumbai Weekend Shoot (MWS). My cousin and I manage to reach the site on time, even though we both had a late night birthday party previous night.

This kind of photo shoot was first of its kind for me, so I was really excited. After a group shot, we headed for the actual village, whose inhabitants were just rising from slumber. Versova village is actually a small fishermen’s village very close to city’s hustle bustle. Though it has something which separates  it from the city. I felt, these people are pretty used to seeing so many photographers at once storming in their village just to shoot almost anything which is in front of them. I really had a feeling that we were up to something like that.

But it was only a matter of point when I saw snaps from other people and also compared my snaps. We could come up with so many different takes over such a small place. Each photo had a different story to tell, so overwhelming. It just felt like a class full of children assembled for a painting competition, and they had to draw a memory drawing. End result is that I am eager to attend more such shoots. My lord, please avail me more of week-offs for this entirely devotional reason…. Amen!!!

Below are my takes..

The Old Man

The Old Man

Fisher Women

Looks like Twins to me

Mamma Ship and Baby Ship

The cliché’

Find some more from my collection on Flickr here

Check the MWS page for Versova photo shoot collection here


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Server(AIX)Administrator by profession, photographer & amateur astronomer by passion.. Fascinated by every aspect of life, and loves to live every moment of it..


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