Water park gives photographic opportunity

I was dead sure that one fine day i will publish my first blog(sounds like one day i will get love of my life!!), i was almost certain that it will be a photography blog. But i had never ever imagined even in rarest of cases that it will have the first snap as of guys lying in a wave pool posing for me.

Well, doesn’t fancy me. It’s just we office colleagues have gone to nearby water theme park to beat the April heat. Out of 15o plus images that i took this one came the best and was applauded by everyone. This image is actually a crop of original image below. I was trying to take perspective or something trying to capture a footwear and my friends. When post processing i cropped the image excluded everything else and kept a wide-screen covering just my friends. Of course I left couple of people in background just to have an idea of where they are.

I had bought my D-SLR along with me. So it was evident that I will do a little shoot also. But enjoying water park rides, swimming and photography all at the same time was a bit tricky. So we decided to get into waters first, enjoy the water ride and swim till its lunch time. Anyways it was almost mid-day so I didn’t wanted to have harsh shadows in snaps. Afterwords when we had lunch it was almost 4pm so we took rest for some time, and then I went and got my camera. Since it was evening already, everyone were ready to pose again and went in pool. and I took snaps. We documented almost every pool and ride which we had enjoyed earlier part of the day. Just minus of me as i was the one who took the snaps. Lighting worked perfectly as shadows were shallow and skin tone was far better for the same. I m going to have this same plan whenever I will visit any water park next time.

I m more like a criticizer and would really love to criticize or praise my own snaps. But here I will try to stop myself from doing that. I know they are nice, so i will let it do the speaking. This is my first post and have to keep it as short as possible. Below are more snaps from the same series. I hope you would like them too.

The Pandora Team


About mayur hulsar

Server(AIX)Administrator by profession, photographer & amateur astronomer by passion.. Fascinated by every aspect of life, and loves to live every moment of it..


  1. altaf

    Good going buddy, at last you started your blog! I specially liked your header image, pretty good creativity.. Add few more incidences..

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